When Your Boyfriend Hurts You: How To Forgive and Forget


When Your Boyfriend Hurts You: How To Forgive and Forget

It is very difficult to forgive and forget someone who is so dear to us when they do something wrong. It is same in the case of boyfriend. It becomes impossible sometimes to forgive and forget your boyfriend. This is because somewhere in your heart you always thought that no matter what he will never hurt you. But when they hurt you, it becomes so hard to forgive and move on in life with him. LikeLoveQuotes.com is here to help you know how to forgive your boyfriend when he hurts you.

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Do You Want To Forgive and Forget Boyfriend

It is very important to understand that life has many colours. Sometimes it will be dull and sometimes it will be bright. Hence, it is a roller coaster ride which we need to face. Every relationship goes through a rough phase. But this does not mean that it will remain the same. And we should not let little misunderstandings spoil our beautiful relationships. Therefore, to let the relationship bloom like always you need to have a big heart and forget the mistakes and forgive your boyfriend.

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We know it is not that easy to forget someone when he hurts you. But we too know that good people are hard to find. We sometimes need to avoid and ignore little things so that the relationship can continue with the same pace. Forgetting the mistakes and errors of your dear ones will help you have them around you always. I think there is no harm in giving second chance to your partner. People too change once they have realise that they were really wrong in their actions. This change comes only when they have the realisation.

We would suggest that making them realise their mistakes and help them change is far better than breaking the relationship forever. This is because breaking the relationship with your boyfriend is not the solution. As such a decision will not make them suffer alone.   Hence, its better to forgive them and help them change. Gone are those days when girls used to make themselves suffer along with boys. All we know is that letting him go will allow him play with someone else feelings too.

Thus, forgiving sometimes help you change the wrongs in the person you so dearly love.If you think that giving a second chance to your relationship will bring change than its better to have a big heart and forgive and forget your boyfriend.