Boy Writes an Emotional Letter for his Girlfriend to SAVE their 6 Years Old Relationship

Boy Writes an Emotional Letter for his Girlfriend to SAVE their 6 Years Old Relationship

When was the last time you fought with your partner ? The answer could vary between couple to couple, fights do happen and if we introspect positively it does help you to get back stronger and stronger in your relationship. But, all depends on your ability to handle the situations with cool mind. After-all, the bond of Love should stay long.

When Glenn Lane from Lakemore, Ohio shared his letter with us on our facebook page : Love Quotes ♥ we couldn’t stop our-self from sharing it with the whole world in the hope that it is noticed and read by his beloved Ashlee Gurnish. 
Boy Writes an Emotional Letter for his Girlfriend to SAVE their 6 Years old Relationship
Message from Glenn Lane on our facebook page.
Here is Glenn Lane wrote in his letter for Ashlee Gurnish.

I love you so much Ashlee. I don’t think I could have went on much longer without you. I dreamed about you, I talked about you…. And I’ll always love you even if it isn’t in my favor. You are everything to me and you are a big part of what keeps me motivated. I thought I was failing… I thought everything I was saying to you was wrong because I felt like I was pushing you further and further away…. I don’t wanna do that ever. I mean it when I say I love you Ashlee Ann ♥ you are my sunny morning, your my favorite thing about life cause when I’m with you I feel completely sane ♥ …. If your mine again let’s keep it that way. Let’s not Change… ever again… we are adults baby…. we got this… I’m telling you… we need to motivate each other to do well and good things will come our way. I’m happy your going to that schooling program sweetie ♥ I just hope I can see you a lot still. I’m just getting you back and I don’t wanna loose you again…. after Nathan dropped you off I drove past your house and around the corner I had to stop…. I put the car in park…. and just kept telling myself that your kiss was real… I swear I thought it was a dream…

Ashlee I love you to the MOON & BACK 1,000,000,000 times. I really do. All I could think about was you in the hospital…. I think I was more afraid of dying without knowing you love me back… Ashlee…. I think me getting hit was a sign… that I needed to get my stuff together stop mopping around and get the girl of my dreams back. I’ve had people call me stupid, I’ve dropped those people. If they can’t support me being happy and chasing my crazy dreams then leave them all… as long as I have you…. I’m content… I love you girly ♥ never ever ever forget it.

I was immature, stupid, non-caring, I never took that extra step back to see exactly what we have until I lost you. And that’s my fault also. I want you to know that I take full credit for everything in the past…. I’m sorry. But please don’t forgive me…. be hard on me baby. Test me.

I’ll show you that I wanna make things right this time. I do. I do. I do. I love you… since the 4th grade Ashlee ♥ 6 years of happiness ♥ 🙂

We hope that Ashlee Gurnish reads this letter and comes back to Glenn Lane for once and for all. Let there be more love.