Out Of The Blue Struggles Of A Hot Girl.


Out Of The Blue Struggles Of A Hot Girl.

Being a hot girl is not as easy as it looks. They face certain unpredicted issues, which are at times, hard to ignore. People have this pre-conceived notion that it’s really easy to be that #hot girl, you just have to wear good, look good and act well. Really?? Do you think being #hot is so easy??Do you actually think that looking hot is all about the right amount of compact or lipstick?? *Tring Tring* please pay attention, it’s much more than that.

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Out Of The Blue Struggles Of A Hot Girl.

Their life is not all about rainbows and bursts of sunshine, nor it’s about a pretty face all the time! But, people are too busy to even look beyond their covetous glasses and it’s really annoying how they feel about them. So, all those hot girls who are reading this, I am trying to speak on behalf of you and jot down those unsaid problems you face in your daily life. Please pay attention SPECTATORS.

1/  The green eyed spectators all the way with their uncertain insecurities

This is the first and the most common problem faced by them right after they are born.Yes! I am serious, the moment they learnt to walk and started having their meal on their own, people started having those envious insecurity problems like-

  • Hatred for just being beautiful and nothing else
  • spreading rumours out of hatred just to make sure they feel bad and satisfy their cheap thirst. But what if the rumour spread by you reaches the right ears and they claim it to be totally false. How would your reaction be at that moment??

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2/  Expectation hurts

Being that #hot girl  I am sure you’ve come across this statement very often  “You look beautiful all the time” and also something like “Hey what’s wrong! You look dull”??. The scenario for #hot girls is like they cannot afford to look simple. They always have to look attractive, with makeup and always spotless and pristine like the last night party.You know what the *BREAKING NEWS* is, we are as normal as you’re and at times we like to stay simple without make or hair properly tied up, just a messy updo is enough.

3/ Everything is just a piece of cake to them

Not all but, some of these cheap minded people have this concept that for #hot girls, everything is like a piece of cake. They get things like job or boyfriend very easily as they can compromise to any level. Really?? Is your thinking that cheap and corrupted??

Just because she is blessed with a pretty face and an impressive attitude, doesn’t mean everything is so easy to her. And neither does it mean that she can stoop down to any level. Please, get over it!

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4/ Workplace harassments

I had this friend of mine who had to quit her job due to some typical workplace harassments. The situation became really uncontrollable for her, inspite of several complaints and warnings, people in her office started approaching her with a *one-night stand* demand. Not only this, things became even worse when she was being warned not to wear the sleeveless top as she was distracting other male employees there. Finally, she resigned from that company and now is happily doing a job in a much better office with  some really great employees.

5/ Boyfriend issues

#Hot girls have a great problem in identifying the right guy for them. Keeping in mind the earlier similar scenarios where she was looked at nothing less than a cheap girl, finding that one from the heap of smelly dumps is not an easy task at all.

And even if they found the one, problem follows them like a shadow. Some like-

  • Boyfriend faces insecurity each time she looks pretty.
  • He has this notion that she’ll leave him and go with someone much more handsome than him. Man! She held your hands out of all those stupid caricatures. Please trust her.
  • He advises rather orders her to avoid wearing tight jeans, make ups or even look beautiful.

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6/ Other significant problems like-

  • People consider them to be really dumb with zero IQ or knowledge.
  • #Hot girls have serious problems dealing with their other guy friends. They kind of end up breaking their friendship as their girlfriend feels insecure.
  • We don’t have a real face as our face is always filled with makeups.

Out Of The Blue Struggles Of A Hot Girl.


Pheww! Being a hot girl is not just about applying makeups and looking beautiful, apart from those materialistic things, they too have a simple heart just like us. They too want to make friends and value relationships. In short, not all hot girls are mean or selfish, some are born with both inner beauty as well as outer one and also a productive brain.

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Words of wisdomApplying makeup is not as easy as it looks. You’ve to blend it according to your skin colour and not make yourself look like someone from the pages of CONJURING. PERIOD!