13 Blind Dating Tips You Can’t Miss

13 Blind Dating Tips You Can't Miss
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13 Blind Dating Tips You Can’t Miss 

Internet Dating used to be a fad once upon a time, but thanks to all deceptive photographs and information people are now adhering to the old ways – setting blind dates. Blind dates are fun since there is sense of apprehension as well as curiosity, and if things go well you are so thrilled that you blindly fell in love!

Yet, if you are someone who is tired on going on continuous failed blind dates, you need to read the following tips on happy blind dating.

  1. Get your specifications right

Make a note of what exactly are you looking for and give those specifications out. If you want someone who enjoys walking or jogging, don’t say you want a health freak, or if you enjoy going bar hopping to have a few drinks, mention that and not that he/she should be a party animal. This will confuse your matchmaker (if any) and your prospective blind date. [ Read: Signs to Get Rid Off Your Relationship! ]

  1. Spread the word

Tell all your friends and family that you are looking to find someone and request them to set you up. Don’t think it sounds desperate; in fact you are keeping so many options. Out of all the matches that you’ve got, at least a couple with match all your requirements.

  1. Plan well

Since this is the first time you are meeting this person, go to crowded place which is a common field for both of you. Always have the next move ready because of your date is going well, you would like for it to continue at another venue. Also, if you find out she enjoys rooftops, have contacts at a lovely rooftop restaurant so that you can surprise her by taking her there for a couple of drinks. [ Read: Long Distance Relationship Songs You Should Listen to ]

  1. Don’t have high expectations

Avoid being overly hopeful! You are not going to bump into David Beckham or a Victoria Secret model, so don’t even imagine it. You may have heard his voice, looked him up on social media, but don’t make an impression already! It is a good idea to be occupied before your blind date so that you don’t build castles in the air. When you meet your date, you’ll be quite happy with what you see since you haven’t already imagined him.

  1. Be open

Don’t judge a book by its cover! His looks or dressing sense or speech is not going to define his personality. Maybe your matchmaker has given you some insider information on your date or you found out some details on own, whatever it is, don’t make a judgement about the person. As the date goes on, you may actually start enjoying his/her company so keep all judgements aside and just get to know the person. [ Read: Woman Writes an Open Letter to Her Ex-Husband’s Future Wife ]

  1. Have a rescue plan

In case your date is a complete fail and you know that if you wait for another five minutes, you will end up saying something very nasty, have your rescue plan ready! The most common strategies are the “urgent call” or a “fake sickness.”

  1. Put on your best dress

You’ll want to create a good impression so you will certainly dress well for your blind date. However, apart from that it is as important to feel good about yourself and be confident! The best way to get this attitude right is put on your best attire and smile! [ Read: 6 Ways To Get Your Boyfriend To Dress Better ]

  1. Keep your alcohol in check

The thumb rule is never to be drunk on your blind date! Have a drink or two to engage in conversation, but not more than that. If you end up tipsy your date is going to think you are too easy or that you are an alcoholic.

  1. Do something new

This can be a fun experiment you and your date take on – try something neither of you have done before. It can be food like a particular fish or an amusement park ride. This will instill a great sense of excitement and you will bond on one common thing. [ Read: 10 Hot Tips: The Ultimate Guide to Being More Feminine ]

  1. Focus on the other person

Don’t keep talking about yourself and bore the other person. The whole idea of this date is to find out whether he/she is compatible with you. Get to know your date as a person and ask about his/her interests. Soon you will catch on a common point and from there on it will be a smooth walk!

  1. Do a background check

Once you have set your date, start getting details about the person. Go through his Facebook and Twitter to find out his interests, his friend circle and his exes. If your friend has set you up, ask the friend about him so that you know what to expect and prepare well. [ Read: 9 Rules of Dating Etiquette For the Modern Woman ]

  1. Beware of psycho behavior

Observe the person’s actions and reactions and interpret them well. You don’t want to end up with a psycho who will make life a living hell for you. Look into those eyes and if they make you feel queasy, you know you have to walk away.

  1. Happy Ending

Whether you feel that spark or not, be courteous and respectful. You are both in similar situations so don’t be rude and egoistic. Give a hug or a kiss on the cheek at the end of the evening and maintain a sense of gratitude. [ Read: a11 Obvious Signs You’re High on the Wedding Preparations! ]

Blind dates are not easy, yet it are the best way to meet your ‘the one.’ You know you are ready to take that leap of faith, just like the other person is. So take a chance, take that leap to know what life has in store for you!