Birthday Surprise from a Long Distance Relationship Love

Birthday Surprise from a Long Distance Relationship Love

Just want to share this amazing video with everyone who’s in a Long Distance Relationship, who believes that Long Distance Relationship can work and most especially to people who don’t  believe that it works!!! ;Birthday Surprise from a Long Distance Relationship Love

Honey Bangod says, “My sweetest partner made this surprise video for me on my 18th Birthday (he also gave me flowers, balloons and cake through his friends here in the country). Franklin Silagan my boyfriend is from Guam, Micronesia and I’m from Philippines about 2,491 km physically away from him, yet he still makes me the happiest, all the time ❤”

We also came to know that Franklin works midnight shift, but he especially took out time to make this cute video for her beloved. He worked on making this video for few days before her birthday. His friends says, they never knew he can be so romantic! The result is more than what they have expected.

Seeing our articles about LDR, she couldn’t stop herself from sharing her story with us. Bangod wants this video to serve as an inspiration to all strong couples out there!!! Just keep the love going! And always remember that it will be worth it.

Here is the video which she shared with us:

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Thanks a lot for reading and enjoy the video, hope this story inspires you! ❤