Biggest Signs That He is in Love With You

Biggest Signs That He is in Love With You

Guys are at times reluctant to confess their love to their girls. Some are often shy about proving their love. Most of the guys are open to share their feeling about how close they feel in love with you. But some guys have a hard time to present their feelings in a romantic way. They might leave some of the hints that they want you to be their one. [ Read: My Boyfriend Wants to Get Married But I Don’t ]

Biggest Signs That He Is In Love With You

Use some of these signs to know if he’s actually in love with you or is it just a fling? Dating a guy is very easy. But to know what is going on his mind? Well, that’s a tough job.

Here are those biggest signs that you must watch for:

  1. Always ”We”

He always tends to use ”We” instead of ”I” in any of the general conversations and the cutest thing is that he doesn’t even realize it. He always wants you to be involved in his plans. [ Read: 6 Things Men Will Never Tell You But You Know Are True


  1. He likes giving all his time to you.

If he is just into you, then he will love spending all his time with you. He will go extra miles just to be with you. He will always keep you on top of his list. Even if it’s an important appointment, he will try to cancel it and spend time with you if it’s needed.

  1. He will always stand up for you

If a guy truly loves his woman, then come what may, he will always stand up for her even if she’s wrong at her part. He may criticize you in private but never in public. He will always maintain your respect at the top level. [ Read: 7 Ways To Make A Man Understand You Completely ]

  1. He talks a lot with you

Guys talk a lot if they feel that they are close to you. If he truly loves you, you’ll definitely find that he easily opens up with you and talks to you about all his personal matters. He may talk about everything, be it work, his plans and even about how annoying his friends actually are.

  1. He’s very interested what goes in your life

He will be very interested to know what is up in your life. He will want to know every tiniest detail from morning to night. [ Read: 7 Romantic Ways To Say Good Morning To Your Boyfriend Or Girlfriend ]

  1. He will never forget your special days

Be it your birthday or any special anniversary or any special day at work. He will never forget it and rather will surprise you with something. He will try to help you if something important is lined up for you at your work.

  1. You are his first priority

If he needs to choose between you and anything else in this world, then he’d be most happy to choose you. He will never give it a second thought and there is no other comparison for him. [ Read: 10 Essential Things All Newly Weds Must Know ]

  1. He respects you

He will always treat you with utmost respect be it in private or in public. He will never intentionally bump in the middle of a conversation. He will never stare other girls in your presence or even at your back.

  1. He just can’t stay mad at you

When couples fight, it makes both the partners sad. They can’t stay mad at each other beyond a couple of hours. So, if he actually gathers the courage and apologizes, then he really cares for your feeling and your sentiments. [ Read: 13 Best Ways To Cuddles Your Boyfriend ]

  1. He values your point of view

He will always value your opinions even in the smallest of matters. He will never take a big decision without discussing it with you or without having a good discussion on it with you.

  1. He will prove to be a good listener

He will always pay attention to what you say and will always remember your words. A guy who is in love with you will always take you seriously and never lightly. [ Read: 9 Ways to Tell if Your Guy Wants to Marry You ]

  1. You always take the top position in his future plans

Whenever he speaks about his life, you are always included in that matter. You always will have a prominent place in all his plans in life. He will discuss his dreams with you.

  1. He takes care of your little needs

If your man genuinely loves you then he will try to make your life less stressful and better in every possible way. He will go that extra mile to cover up your needs and wants. This may be as small as cooking you something special as a surprise. [ Read: My Boyfriend Wants to Get Married But I Don’t ]

  1. He holds your hand

He tends to hold your hand if you go out in a crowded place. This is a reflex action that none of you can notice. He will try to protect you in every corner of his life.

  1. He makes a lot of effort

He will make a lot of effort to be liked by your family and friends because he knows that their acceptance will definitely matter to you in a greater way. He knows that their opinion will matter in some way or the other in your relationship. [ Read: My Boyfriend Wants to Get Married But I Don’t ]

  1. He tries to stay calm and composed

He never gets annoyed with you or at least he tries not to get annoyed with you even if you act stupid in some or the other way. He doesn’t get irritated even if he’s in a middle of something important and you want to talk to him.

  1. At a social event

Even at a social gathering, he will never give more importance to any other girl than you. He will always prioritize you over any other girl in terms of looks or brains, and anything else in this world. Even if you are talking to any other person, he will keep on gazing you from the corner of his eyes just to make sure you are safe and sound. [ Read: 7 Signs He Will Choose Another Woman ]

  1. Always a helping hand

He will always be there to help you in your slightest tasks. He will take time for you even if he’s busy and taken up in some important things. He might be grumbling and whining at the same time just to annoy you playfully.

You are lucky enough to find it all in your ‘would be partner’ or your current partner. Every guy is not this hopelessly caring and romantic. Even if you find slightest of qualities, just stick to him. Give your all to him and try to expect nothing. Then, you will see the magic in your relationship!