Best Ways to Send Her a Perfect Good Night Text

Best Ways to Send Her a Perfect Good Night Text

They say, a single candid and romantic good night text can help put all the fights and wrangling on the back seat. Also, a recent survey suggests that men who send away beautiful good night messages to their better half have lower chances of getting a heart attack. And well,  Boyzone sang it out loud, ‘Words and words  I only have, to take your heart away.’

Best Ways to Send Her a Perfect Good Night Text

So, following are a few good night messages that would make your companion yearn for more, cherish what you already have and touch your heart really softly!

  1. Tell her she’s beautiful!

So, the trick honey is in complimenting her when she needs it the most, not when it is very obvious. Tell her she’s beautiful when she’s in her bed with no make-up and hair thrown around messily. Tell her than you love her in the most random-est of times, ‘cause that is what really matters. [ Read: Cute Ways To Say Goodnight To Your Crush 


  1. Tell her how beautiful is your life with her

She would undoubtedly put in all the efforts just to make you happy. So, make sure every night you send her a text pouring your heart out and telling her how beautiful she has made your life just by her presence in it.  Mention the tiniest of detail from the daily events, trust me, it’s worth the effort, guys.

  1. Isn’t she your ‘princess’?

Well, there are a hundred quotes I can give you in reference to this one!

A man who treats his woman like a princess is a proof that he was born and raised in the arms of a queen. You don’t need to have a castle to be a prince, just treat your princess right and you’ll be the prince in her eyes.

Tell her that she’s the most important person in your life and call her your princess! [ Read: 7 Romantic Ways To Say Good Morning To Your Boyfriend Or Girlfriend ]

  1. Comfort her in her imperfections

So, when you are texting her good night, make sure you tell her how perfect she is to you and how happy she makes you. See how well Bruno Mars has put it, ‘If perfect’s what you’re searching for, then just stay the same.’  No better way of tucking her off to sleep!

  1. Have deep and meaningful conversations

Try and understand her inside out. See through the façade! That is what is true love. Each night before going off to sleep, do some soul speaking. Pour your heart out to each other, brush away her insecurities and promise her to be there for her in all the good and bad times. [ Read: 4 Reasons why love letters are awesome ]

  1. Text her even if she’s off to sleep

Even if she is off to sleep, make it a point to drop her a text that puts on a smile on her face when she reads it the next morning.  There’s no better way to kick start her day. I mean, really. It just oozes out love.