Best Ways for Guys to Get Her Eyes on You

Best Ways for Guys to Get Her Eyes on You

Men are attention seekers by nature. Especially, when it comes to that special girl they really like. They will do all the things they possibly can, to make her see him and get her to talk to him. But sometimes, they forget the most basic things and try complex ways, which aren’t really necessary. Buying diamond jewelry or putting up a hoarding of “I love you” is not the only way to get her eyes on you. This can be done using some simple yet cute ways too.  All you have to do is to woo her! Use some simple techniques and the girl you like, will like you back instantly if your love is genuine.

Best Ways For Guys To Get Her Eyes On You

If you are really daring and want to make a future with her, do the following things to get her in your life.

  1. Make frequent eye contact

If you are too shy to make eye contact, then probably she will never know what you feel and how you feel about her. Make eye contact, for eyes talk a lot. Go ahead and look her in the eyes. Otherwise, she won’t even know that you noticed her or you actually want to take things ahead. [ Check out: MATE, Never Discuss These 8 Things On Your First DATE


  1. Smile at her

Give her that dazzling smile that you flash in front of the mirror. Smile is an invitation for starting up a conversation. So smile, and flash your pearly whites until she gives you her cute smile back.

  1. Be a gentleman

If you ever bump into her, let her lead the way, open the door for her. Give her a hand, if she is climbing down the stairs.  Make sure you make the payment if you are eating out. Pull the chair, when she is about to sit. Girls still like chivalry. [ Also read: 10 Ways To Make Your Girlfriend Feel Special ]

  1. Appreciate her/ Praise her

Do appreciate her, and it doesn’t necessarily have to be about her looks. It could be about her work, her talent as a singer, her dancing, her paintings, her pictures and so on. Don’t leave a single chance of pleasing her. If you praise her in public, she will love it more than anything.

  1. Give her special treatment

Girls love special treatment. Set her apart from all the other girls. Give her the most attention when in a group. Talk the most to her when you both are in a group. Make sure, you stay with her at all times. Make sure you listen to her and respond appropriately. If you make her feel special, she will definitely get charmed by you.

  1. Take her out

If you both are on friendly and talking terms, start taking her out. Start spending time with her and keep asking her to meet you at some nice and decent restaurants and Cafes. She will definitely take the hint. If you both are too busy to go out, then you can make sure you drop her and pick her from the work place.

  1. Get to know her better

Without getting to know her better, there is no way that you can take this ahead. Get to know from her friends, her own talks, her experiences that what she likes and what she has faced in her life. Get to know about her family. Listen to her and not just hear her out. Try to get to know her family better, be friendly with her buddies. Remembering her special days like birthday and her pet’s birthday can make you quite cute in her eyes.

  1. Express yourself

Don’t keep assuming that she wouldn’t like you ever. She wouldn’t date you ever. Girls are known to do crazy things. They might date the ugliest guy also, if he makes them feel special and loved. All girls want is love and attention from the guy they love. So don’t keep it inside you forever. Think of a suitable moment and give her hints that you like her. The risk is only in your head. For all you know, she might say yes and your life will turn around forever. [ Read here: The 6 Things Guys Love Most About Women ]

What are the things that you did, to get your girlfriend in your life? Share with us in the comments section.