Best Missing You Quotes To Melt Your Partner’s Heart

Best Missing You Quotes To Melt Your Partner's Heart

Best Missing You Quotes To Melt Your Partner’s Heart

The worst thing that can ever happen in any relationship is getting separated. It is just similar to a very ugly nightmare. It becomes very difficult to spend even one second in absence of our beloved. That can be the worst phase of our life. But no matter how far they go we can still make them realize as to how much we miss them.

The following are some of the best quotes that you send to your partner and let him or realize as to how difficult it has become for you to spend days and night. Let your partner’s heart get melted by these touching quotes about missing someone.

Missing someone is a part of loving them. If you’re never apart, you’ll never really know how strong your love is.” – Anonymous

Explanation of above Quote: A very logical one indeed! The more strong the bond, the more difficult it becomes to remain away from each other for a long time. But don’t get disheartened as if you see this from a different perspective, then staying away from each other for sometime is very necessary to check the strength of any relationship. [ Read: 8 Best Things About Long Distance Relationship ]

“You may be out of my sight but never out of my mind. I miss you!”Anonymous

Explanation of above Quote: Physically you might be away from each other but your souls can never stay away. Our beloved are always in our mind and heart, no matter how far they are from us. Isn’t it a great thing to cheer about? No matter how far you are, the bond is never going to become weak.

When I miss you, sometimes I listen to music or look at pictures of you, not to remind me of you but to make me feel as if I’m with you. It makes me forget the distance and capture you.”- James

Explanation of above Quote: Let your partner know that you always feel his or hers presence around you from the things that belongs to them. Generally every one of us has got that special song, that special poem, that special book or even that dress that reminds you of your beloved and makes you smile. These simple and little things are the most special ones. Isn’t it? [ Read: Ways To Warm-Up Long Distance Valentine Day Celebrations ]

“When I go away from you, the world beats dead like a slackened drum.”- Amy Lowell

Explanation of above Quote: Well, separation does hurt a lot. Nothing seems to appear bright and beautiful like before. It seems as if the entire world has got drowned and is still and silent just the way your heart is. One thing should always be kept in mind that the world appears the same as our mood. If you are happy, all would seem happy, and likewise, if you are sad, the world is also a sad one.

Love reckons hours for months, and days for years; and every little absence is an age.”- John Dryden

Explanation of above Quote: The absence of our beloved is simply unbearable. A second is no longer a very short span of time, it seems to be ages. It appears as if the clock has got frozen and is not agreeing to proceed ahead. When we are with our beloved, then time flies instantly but it is simply opposite when they are away from us. [ Read: 9 tips to work out a long distance relationship ]

Darkness isn’t the absence of light. It’s the absence of you.”- Anonymous

Explanation of above Quote: How beautiful! Darkness can also appear to be bright if the right person is with us, and just in case we have to walk alone then no matter how lighted the path is, we would simply hate to walk any further. Let your partner know that your world is bright just because of him or her.

Missing you could turn from pain to pleasure, if I knew you were missing me too.” Anonymous

Explanation of above Quote: If the person whom we are missing misses us in the same way then the feeling of missing can revert from being a bad experience to a very pleasant one. This also defines the degree of love between the two. It would also increase the excitement to meet each other later on. [ Read: 15 Ways to Save a Long Distance Relationship ]

“The reason it hurts so much to separate is because our souls are connected.”- Nicholas sparks, The Notebook

Explanation of above Quote: A very realistic quote from one the best novels of all time. Love is something that unites our souls too and that is probably the reason why it hurts so much when we are away from each other. The pain is unbearable and each moment we think as to how to get in touch as soon as possible.

“If I had a single flower for every time I think of you. I could walk forever in my garden.”- Claudia Adrienne Grandi

Explanation of above Quote: That would simply represent as how much you remember your partner each moment. If each moment of remembrance is made to replace with a flower then it might create a never ending garden. What a beautiful thought! [ Read: Best Romantic Quotes from Movies ]

While you were reading the above quotes, you must be remembering the person whom you miss the most. Isn’t it? Well, do express your feelings about them below. Let them know how much you miss.