Is your Best Friend Dating Somebody?


Is your Best Friend Dating Somebody??

Are you dating somebody?? Are you in love?? No matter how many times I ask, her favorite reply was “No babes! It’s just that I am busy with my work a bit”. But you know what, her perplexed face, wandering kohl eyes, her clasped hand’s and her pursed lips portrays a different scene. I bet there is something going on in her life; but how will I know that??

Chill and come down. Why getting hyper when your Hopelessly Romantic author is here. Just look for the below-mentioned tips to get sure about your query.

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Is your Best Friend Dating Somebody?

Episode 1:

In this episode you would expect certain very primitive signs like:

  • She decks up a bit more. Be it her lip liner or her bold black dark kajal, everything now is specially done.
  • She prefers keeping her hair loose or tied into a messy bun. Cause guys love when girls keep their hair open. ( Been there, felt that, done that)
  • She prefers wearing bright but bold colored dress or also any beautiful Indian attire like- Loose Long Kurti etc
  • She prefers applying some light but romantic perfume

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Episode 2:

Keeping in mind the previous episode in this one, you would notice your friend talking more about how life is beautiful when you’ve someone beside you. Or you can notice a sudden change in her playlist like full of romantic numbers, love songs.

If you both go for a dinner or a  simple night out, you would notice your friend talking more about someone special. But when you ask her about that someone, she would reply in a riddle.

Episode 3:

This phase is really both mind baffling and full of suspense. She is online but replies very less to your texts, meets up rarely and receives or calls you back less. It’s not that she has completely forgotten you or has no time at all, but, she acts a bit different. Her attitude is a bit different like she is not in this world, she is somewhere lost in another world. Might be one day she’ll come and confess everything, but the wait is really painful.

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Episode 4:

By this episode, you can be like 80% sure that your best buddy is surely dating someone secretly and is hiding it from you. Might be that the guy she is dating is her X, or it might be that you don’t like that guy, many such flying reasons pops up. But don’t loose heart if she hardly meets you and shows her face once in a week, signs like:

  • She makes an excuse when you call her for a meeting
  • You visit her house but she’s not there most of the time. Neither her mother knows where she is nor she is replying your texts back
  • She keeps her phone secured with a password, which has never happened earlier. Even she changed her Facebook password without informing you.

Episode 5:

You are becoming crazy, you can see that something is wrong with you B’Friend, but inspite of that you can’t find any solution to it. Then one final day, you receive a call from your friend, saying she wants to meet you.

You go with a strong mind that you’ll show your importance and get out as early as possible unless you see a guy standing with him. The curtain has finally fallen down, you were right your best friend is in fact in love.

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Episode 6:

So, you’ve finally seen the guy for whom your friend was running away or staying in another dreamy world. Listen to their story first, how they meet and then charge your friend as to why she didn’t inform you earlier.

Is your Best Friend Dating Somebody?

Now it’s the time for some special moment between you and your best friend. Hug each other, and hit each other, you guys are finally back on the track. Now your friend will ping you each time she goes out with her boyfriend or even after they spend their first romantic date. This is the magic of friendship you know, no matter what the scenario be, your best friend will not take any important decision without your consent, just hold your horses and lean back for the right moment.