Being Single Is Fun – 13 Reasons to Prove it!

Being Single Is Fun - 13 Reasons to Prove it!

Being Single Is Fun – 13 Reasons to Prove it!

Have you ever wondered why we are all so desperate to find love? It is not a life and death situation if you don’t have a partner or haven’t found someone worthwhile to spend your life with.

In this urge to find that special someone, you forget about your own self; you forget to love thy self. So don’t fret about a boyfriend or soulmate, but enjoy the company of your own. Here is why being single is so much fun:

  1. You are carefree

When you are dating someone, you are always occupied with his/her feelings, plans, errands and so on. On the other hand, when you are on your own, you have nothing to worry about- you know your feelings as well as how to deal with them. [ Read: 12 Lines Singles Are Tired Of Listening! ]

  1. You can travel

Travel alone and experience all that life has to offer! With a boyfriend/girlfriend around, you may not have the opportunity to pick up your bags and embark on a soul searching journey, or simply a trip to learn new things. So while you are single, don’t miss the opportunity to go see the world!

  1. No emotional baggage

All relationships come with emotions and emotional baggage – be it arguments, differences, a bad past and so on. You have to live with all this as well as resolve the issues. However, when you are a singlet such issues don’t exist so enjoy the absence of all the emotional ups and downs! [ Read: An Open Letter From a Single Mother to her Twins Children ]

  1. Make your own plans

More often than not you have to check with your partner to make plans and many times what you want may not happen. For instance, you feel like going for a movie with your love, but your partner wants to go bowling with a bunch of people so you end up doing what he/she has planned. However, in your bachelor phase, do what you want, when you want!

  1. Make the most of your friendships

A study says that when a person starts dating, he/she loses out on an average of three friends. Whether you accept it or not, you will invariably stop spending time with your friends, once you have a partner. So when you are single, spend as much time as you can with your friends and build memories of a lifetime! [ Read: 13 Dating tips for single mothers ]

  1. You can flirt

You are a free bird, so use the opportunity wisely! Whether you’re out for dinner or partying in a club, show off your single tag. Nobody will get hurt nor upset, so have fun and polish those flirting skills!

  1. Live life and grow

Like it or not, a relationship doesn’t not allow you to experience life to the fullest. When you have the time and space, go out and meet as many people, visit places you’ve always wished to go to, learn subjects you have an interest in – remember this is your own time to check things off your wish list. [ Read: Still Single? Celebrate Valentine’s Day, the Singles Way! ]

  1. Live by your own terms

You don’t mind your towel lying on the bed – it’s your choice; you want a smoothie for breakfast every morning – it’s your choice; you like your TV remote to be kept in its place – you have it; you want to eat dinner at 7:30pm – it’s up to you. When you are single you live life according to your likes and dislikes!

  1. No expectations

You are expected to keep yourself happy and nobody else! You are not boggled down with expectations such as – texting your partner when you reach your work place, taking care of your partner’s dislikes, making up for a fight with a loving card and gift, etc. Basically be thrilled that you don’t have anybody who expects you to do things for them and make him/her feel special. [ Read: Boyfriend Writes An Open Letter To His Girlfriend ]

  1. Only responsibility is yourself

Whether it is paying your bills, collecting your laundry or picking up medicines – you have to do it for only one person – yourself. Consider yourself to be in a lucky phase in life that you do not have to worry about another person.

  1. No marriage expectations

Since you don’t have a partner, neither your parents, nor your relatives are going to bother you with marriage talk! Feel free to walk into a family function to enjoy the wine and the company albeit questions about tying the knot! [ Read: 10 Clear Signs Your Man is Worth Marrying ]

  1. Work on career

If your work place offers you a better job in another city or country, you take it happily without concerns about your relationship or love interest, because you don’t have one! So being single is wonderful for your career – it drives you to success omitting all the emotional baggage.

  1. Absence of insecurities

In a relationship, you are bothered with questions such as – does he love you; is she cheating on me; am I good enough for him; is he flirting behind my back and so on. Well, when you are single you don’t have time to think about such petty things, so live your life well! [ Read: True Signs That You Are Commitment Phobic ]

Love has its time so don’t go looking for it! In the meanwhile get to know yourself and learn to enjoy your company coz loving yourself is as wonderful as loving your soul mate!