Being Single Is All About Knowing Yourself


Being Single Is All About Knowing Yourself

So you are single but not yet ready to mingle?? Not an issue of concern, just keep on loving yourself more and know more about yourself. Give a deaf ear to what people has to say about your singlehood, just take a deep breath and ignore. Do something more innovative and make yourself more powerful. Being single has so many plus points, you just have to notice them and I will help you in doing the same.

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Being Single Is All About Knowing Yourself

1/No stipulation

Yes. The best thing about being single is you don’t have any limitations or restrictions. You can do whatever you want, choose whatever career you want to choose and above all, you are not answerable to anybody expect yourself and your family. Isn’t it cool?? I think its really super cool. The feeling being independent and doing everything on your strength is an achievement in itself.

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Totally, just pack your bags, wear your shorts and go anywhere you like. A sudden feeling of exploring the unknown is the best activity for your mind and body both. Just you and your silence, and nobody to disturb you. Explore the place, eat their local food and obviously, click pictures and upload them on Facebook. Who knows, you might as well develope a niche for photography. Anything can happen, absolutely anything, just keep your heart and mind open.

3/You can tease or flirt with those HOT hunks

Flirting while in a relationship is a sin and you have loads of other restrictions too. But when you are single, who is there to stop you, baby. Wear the best dress, let your hair loose and dance your heart out. Woo that guy with your sexy dance skills and exchange your numbers. Go out for a date with him or spend a nice cosy day with him, it’s your wish and you call. Have fun.

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4/ Spend a lot more time on yourself

You have ample of time, read books, gather knowledge, watch movies or even write a book. Pamper yourself with education and other important factors which will help you in the long run with a flourished career. Join any gym and work on your abs or that flat tummy. Maintain a goal sheet and track how much weight you have lost. Look sexy, feel sexy. And above all, you can sleep and eat anyway you want. Be it that spicy hot pasta or that tub of ice-cream, just enjoy it and keep enjoying it.

5/Become more self-sustaining

The feelings of doing everything all by yourself is an achievement in itself. When you are single, you are actually teaching yourself to be self-reliant and also independent. Being independent doesn’t mean you are alergic to relationship, it simply means you are ready to divide your attention and time to someone else. This also makes you confident about yourself as you know when you want to be in a relationship and what qualities the guy should have.

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6/ Stay connected with your friends

Oh yeah! Stay connected to your buddies, hang out with them and even plan a movie date. Plan some exciting trips or something like a happy road trip. Exciting and adventurous at the same time.

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Being Single Is All About Knowing Yourself

Singlehood is not a bad thing neither it is something contrasting. Every person has the right to know themselves before going into a relationship. A relationship is not just about two people neither it’s about holding hands. When you are in a relationship with someone, you are actually promising them to give the attention, care and time they deserve. More than themselves, you are allowing yourself to divide your timings and look up to that person during any problematic situation. I know, we girls at some point in time need someone to guide us, support us and this is not a sign of weakness, its just a phase, the circle of life. One must be sure about it before deciding to be in a relationship.