Being a Casanova – Pros and Cons

Being a Casanova – Pros and Cons

All guys want to be loved by girls. Some want to be loved by just one and some want to be loved by numerous girls. Guys like to be a charmer to ladies. They like to sweep ladies off their feet with their words and gestures. Some are strictly one woman men, while some are no women men and some of the lucky ones are more women men. They can afford to charm plenty ladies without getting into a serious relationship with any one of them. Somehow, they even seem to get out of it smoothly without any problems. They seem to know all the ways of pleasing a woman and attracting their attention towards them. One of the examples of a Casanova or a charmer can be Mr.Joey Tribbiani from our beloved sitcom called F.R.I.E.N.D.S. [ Read: Signs that Tell You are a Serial Womanizer ]

Being a Casanova – Pros and Cons

But is being a Casanova always a smooth ride? Do they face some challenges in life or is it all so easy for them? Let’s look at it!


  1. Always have girls swooning over them

Well, that’s the whole point of being a Casanova isn’t it? Girls might say two bad things about such flirty guys, but they themselves can’t resist their attention and charms. They make the girls weak in their knees and give their hearts out to them. They have a way with words and certainly a way with the ladies. [ Check out: 7 Rules of playing Cupid (matchmaker)


  1. Many guys look up to them

Now when you have so many girls swooning over you, boys can’t be far behind. They of course look up to you and wish things were as simple as they are for you. They might even come to you for advice and you can act like a boss and feel like a bigger person in front of them. They worship people like you for your charms and smart ways.

  1. Are always a great company

Nobody will ever say no to hanging out with a Casanova. Be it a girl or a guy. This is because; they are witty, smart and charming. They can make anybody feel special and smart. He might never have to go to a concert alone or eat his dinner alone, because people always flock around him.

  1. Have a huge self esteem

When you get so much attention, you rarely feel bad about yourself. You believe you are super and smart. You have a bloating self esteem bordering narcissism. [ Also read: 5 Reasons why hardships make love stronger ]


  1. Might end up loner

Many people say that such guys don’t ever get somebody to settle down with them. They are often tagged as “not a husband material”. While every girl might want to flirt with them, they might not want to marry someone like them because of their wandering ways.

  1. Their reputation precedes them

When dealing with so many girls, some girls might often get serious about them and ultimately get heartbroken. In such cases, this leads to a lot of negative publicity for them. Their reputation of being a wanderer and a flirt will precede them and some people might want to avoid them.

  1. Some friends are jealous and back bite

When you have your ways with the women, it is obvious that your other male pals will feel insecure around you. They might even feel jealous and back bite about you. They might appear as though they are your friends, but they might be the ones who would be spreading the bad word about you.

  1. People ask you to change for better

Your parents ask you to settle down. They keep worrying about your ways. This kind of behavior is usually frowned upon by elders and relatives. They keep taunting you under the pretext of being concerned. You will always have to hear them and face their advice for you. They will behave as if you are a good boy gone bad, and will pray for your fast recovery. [ Read here: 6 Non verbal signs of love ]

What are your thoughts about being a Casanova? Tell us what you feel in the comments section.