Before Encountering Her I Never Believed in the Idea of Experiencing a ‘True Love’

Before Encountering Her I Never Believed in the Idea of Experiencing a ‘True Love’

Hi, I’m Mick. I still remember the most eventful day of my life, it was 12th October 2014. The day when I ascertained the woman of my dreams, Kerry. I found her on the Android app, namely Badoo.

Before encountering her I never believed in the idea of experiencing a ‘true love’ or owning a ‘soul mate’ in this mean and material world. But she was that such girl who not only proved me wrong for my thoughts but, even made me fall in love with herself even though it was my defeat. Or should I say that my heart bagged the victory with the essence of a genuine and a sincere love over my mind. [ Read: My Best and Wonderful Soul-mate – Story ]

Holding her in my arms made me realize that this peculiar peacefulness which I have during her retention besides me is something that I’ve dreamed and yearned-for the most! Kissing her, sensing her, smelling her perfume and every each and other aspect of her presence makes me concord to the fact that I’m actually living my dreams. She is such a pleasing and gratifying piece of God’s creation that I even love her flaws and hence she’s the most beautiful woman on this earth and is also perfect in any and every way which relates to me. From her indescribable eyes to her prettiest smile, she melts my heart more and more for her.

No, her best part doesn’t even ends up here. For she’s also the mother of the two most gorgeous set of twins ever born, one, girl Rachelle and other a boy named Jake who is now 15 years old. Currently, both these little minors are being foster by their mother, Kerry and me. Yes, I am so happy to play the role of their father figure because they never had one. None the less my experience of nurturing them becomes more precious as I’m being accompanied by the woman of my dreams. This woman is so caring and kind towards everyone that I have to be vocal about her or else my heart beats will flatten with so much pressure of sincere love by one and only my woman Kez. But let me also share that we have been through a lot already, for she lost her beloved pet dog named Rita. Losing her dog was the worst thing ever to endure the pain suffered. But eventually, this incident brought us closer together. [ Read: Feeling Of Falling In Love With My Best Friend – Story ]

Latterly, I decided to propose her by making a slide-show movie. This fantastic idea of slide-show was provided to me by Love Quotes page. Further, as advised by the Love Quotes site I even went traditional and asked her dad for her hand in marriage. Her dad astonished me with his reaction for he was so glad with my ways, my manners and lastly, by my unconditional love for his deserving daughter. Hearing his words I got an engagement ring. A princess cut 18k gold ring worth 5500$ and worked on my proposal to her.

Trust me, there is no other woman who has ever made me feel so complete, the way she makes me, I’ve never been so in love with anyone. I want to spend the rest of my life with this woman who stole my heart till such an extent that I even want her to steal away my last name. When I officially proposed her, there were a lot of tears because I touched her heart in a way she touched mine. After her humble YES we got engaged on the 27th May 2015 and now we are planning to get marry on Oct 1 2016. [ Read: Cute Short Romantic Love Story Every Couple Must Read ]

Now, all I hope is to practice this unconditional love life throughout till the very end of the eternity.  At last, my dearest Kez, I love you so very much with each of my breath. And for those who are searching for their love, you guys please never give up your hopes and never stop believing in yourself because fairy tales and dreams do come true! You just need to believe in yourself, in God and be forbearing for next what you will be having is the eternal love.

Written by: Mick Mcleod