The Most Beautiful Wedding Vows To Take His/ Her Breath Away.


The Most Beautiful Wedding Vows To Take His/ Her Breath Away

When we decide to spend our entire life with someone. We always wish to have someone in life who takes our breath away. Do you know someone who takes your breath away? Are you planning to take your relationship to another level? If so then, you really need read this and find out some of the most interesting and beautiful wedding vows to make  to your partner., is here to offer you a helping hand to make your wedding vows unique. Keep Reading and Keep Sharing.

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The Most Beautiful Wedding Vows To Take His Her Breath Away

Vows That Take Your Breath Away

There are various ways to make your wedding unique. People plan so many different things to do to make their wedding memorable. We too have brought something to add to that list of yours. Here are some of the unique vows to make a forever promise to your partner.

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1. I love the spark that is inside you, your eternal glowing lovely spirit, and I am so glad to be able to see that everyday, warming my soul, forever.

2. Marriage bridges two shores, binding us together as one unbroken path, on which I vow never to deviate, never to falter, and to always be by your side.

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3. I’ve listened to my heart beat, felt it trapped in the cage of my ribs. But now I think of it like a dove – flying to you – to be joined with you, my heart soars with yours. Together our hearts take wing.

4. I promise you my unconditional love, tenderness, and undying devotion, to not ask you to be more than you are, and to love you for being you.

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5. I promise to spend each day working to become the truest version of myself, for you, for us, and for our family.

6. I stand by you, a rock to lean on, a shoulder to cry on, a pillow to rest your head.

Thus, following are some of the vows which may take away your breath.