The Top 6 Qualities that Attracts a Man to a Woman


The Top Qualities that Attracts a Man to a Woman

When a man meets a woman for the first time, there are certain things that he immediately notices, which attract him towards her. If you want to get a guy to notice you, then you should definitely plan your moves according to what he would notice.

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The Top 6 Qualities that Attracts a Man to a Woman

Here are The Top 6 Qualities That Attract A Man To A Woman:


Your smile is what a man will notice first. If you have an attractive, vibrant smile, you’re bound to grab his attention. So if your smile is one of your strengths, use it to the fullest, and make him notice you. He’s bound to smile back.

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Beautiful hair is always an attractive trait. A girl with beautiful hair is instantly attractive. If you have great hair, use it to your advantage. Show your elegance and how you take care of yourself. He’s bound to be impressed.

Sense of humour

Usually, men are the ones cracking jokes and using their sense of humour to their advantage. But when a woman takes the lead with jokes and witty one-liners, it drives men crazy. It’s a rare trait, and can make you stand out amongst other women.

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Eyes can say a thousand words. If a woman has expressive, beautiful eyes, it is easy for a man to lose himself in them, and fall for you immediately. Speak to him with your eyes, tell him things that you can’t say with words. He’ll be hooked for sure!


Gone are the days when dumb blondes were considered to be perfect women. Nowadays, men prefer women with intelligence, who are knowledgeable and have their own opinions. ‘Intelligent is the new sexy’ is a very true statement, but try not to seem like a know-it-all.

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Communication skills

Strike up a good conversation with him, share your thoughts and views on whatever you have in common. If a man can have meaningful, interesting conversations with you, he’s definitely going to be fond of you. Be confident and smooth, and he’s bound to be impressed.

These are a few things that attract men when you meet them for the first time. So next time you want to impress a new guy, you know how to be prepared!