Attachment with Our Gadgets: A Boon or a Bane?

Attachment with our gadgets: A Boon or a Bane

Attachment with our gadgets: A Boon or a Bane?

There is a positive and a negative side of everything in the world. Go out and you will notice at least one person glancing at their phone for one thing or the other. It is such a necessity these days. One would either be checking some social networking website or rerouting the map for direction purposes. Everybody has their eyes glued to their phones for any of the below mentioned reasons. [ Read: 10 Exciting Ways To Find Missed Connection ]

But is it taken in the negative story if one has his phone glued to his hand all the time?

On one hand, the biggest pros is to have the access of information on the go without a second thought. Calling for an aid in times of an emergency or remedies to get away with a virus on the go is very easy to find.

On the other hand, people are now becoming very dependent on their gadgets for everything. If they don’t get an internet connection or if their phones die out of battery, they can’t help but panic.

Both the sides of an argument should be taken into the consideration. Let’s figure out that addiction of the gadgets is a boon or a bane! [ Read: 10 Old Fashioned Relationship Habits We Need To Bring Back ]

Pros of possessing a gadget!

  1. Always stay connected!

If your friends have moved out of the country or settled to another city, then there’s no issue in reaching to them. You can just pick your phone or system and use skype to communicate with them. Had a fight with a friend but missing them on their activities? You can always check their profile on any social networking website to check what they are up to. It doesn’t matter how miles away you have been living. You may always reach to your loved ones in no less time through the existence of internet. [ Read: 10 Signs Your Partner is Having An Affair ]

  1. Creating memories!

You will never run out on creating some good memories. Be it your birthday, wedding or any other grand occasion, you can capture the memory in your device and play it over and over again. You can always preserve your memories with the help of the device.

  1. Productivity increases!

Whether you are free for a while when going in the metro or travelling by any other means of transport, you may always depend on your phone to help you do your pending work. There is no harm in going on a vacation. The work can be regulated by the phone also. It will serve the dual purpose of not putting your business at a haul.  [ Read: 21 Ways To Start A Conversation With The Guy You Like ]

  1. All the interactions at one go!

There is no stoppage in the number of interactions you do with various people. You might be leaving a comment on your friend’s profile picture while chatting simultaneously with your sister and checking out what’s happening on Instagram.

Cons of possessing a gadget!

  1. No memories in the literal sense!

You may be thinking that you are keeping some memories for the future. But, this does not hold true in the literal sense. You might be letting go off the precious time in taking snap stories or clicking unreasonably over the minutes. You might end up being busy enough to preserve the memories. You should be in the moment to enjoy the moment. [ Read: Office Romance – Pros and Cons ]

  1. Dependent!

Sometimes, when your phone is down on battery or there is no internet connection available for you, then you may realize that how dependent you are on your gadget for the simplest of the information. You now have the habit of being sure when confirmed by the internet and then proceeding with the task. This is actually shrinking one’s confidence level in possessing basic knowledge.

  1. Procrastination!

At times, there is a need of the hour but we are busy in the field of procrastination. The tweets or the facebook notification are way more tempting than the need to work during the office hours. Stalking somebody or checking out your previous photos may take all the time in the world even when the need of the hour is something else. [ Read: 7 Little Ways to Stop Being So Jealous In a Relationship ]

  1. Quality of interactions!

There is no quality time being spent with the people who actually matter as we are always busy spending time with various people on different portals. The replies have gone way more mechanical just for the sake that yes, we are paying attention.

Now, the take is on you that how you perceive the existence of the internet in the daily world.