Are You Dating A Piscean??


 Are You Dating A Piscean?? 

Hey! Are you dating the 12th sign of the Zodiac?? Are you really dating a Piscean?? Well, I am spellbound and happy (BOTH) at the same time. Cause it’s like walking in the park filled with lush green trees, beautiful flowers, you both are enjoying the moment unless a heavy storm came along and ruined your moment. A Piscean is the mixture of all other Zodiac signs, so, walking in the park with them will be a mixture of emotions. I am not saying they are difficult to deal with, but this is what I will be discussing in this article today.

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Are You Dating A Piscean??

Before proceeding, have you ever wondered what the two fish indicates?? Well, the first one facing up indicates- Good and the second fish facing down indicates- Bad. So, a Piscean is a mixture of both good and bad.

February 19 – March 20

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1/Emotional Baby

You heard me right, Piscean are full of love and affection. At times they are filled with extra love and affection. They love with all they have and at times beyond that, so in return, they expect the equal amount of feelings from their partner too. They are hopelessly romantic person by nature and can do anything to make you feel all dreamy and exciting.


Wondering what does this mean?? Well to your Piscean partner this word means their religion. Words like MERAKI describes them. Creativity is in their blood, in fact, they were to be creative and spread the magic around. They love to paint their own imagination, their own humdrum world where they are their own master. Basically, a 9-4 job is not their destination, to them, all creative things like drawing, charcoal painting, writing, music, are their passion. So, if you are dating a Piscean be ready to accept them with their creative mind.

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3/Adventure is their drug

Climbing the mountains, going for snorkelling or even invading an isolated island, the Piscean squad just loves to explore. Life would be incredibly adventurous as they are constantly  searching for new experiences. But, they want their partner beside them to enjoy those new ventures.

4/Living in their own fantasy world

Living with them can be a bit tricky, as they live in their own fantasy world. They have their own beliefs like going with their imagination, they don’t have one particular job as they get bored easily. Their extra caring and generous nature at times give them the harsh reality test, that the world they are living in is filled with ups and down.

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5/As I said, they are over sympathetic

Being kind is ok, but to Piscean people, everything has the tag of EXTRA. Extra feelings, extra care, extra kind, and extra everything. They just don’t know where to limit their feelings, they like can do anything to help and make you feel good. Even if they have that last bite of food, they will pass it on to you.

6/Solitude is their best moment

They prefer alone silent moment than a noisy atmosphere. To them, an ultimate Saturday night would be a nice movie with their loved one. They prefer spending  lone moment counting the stars or admiring the silence. They are deep lovers of silent moments or sole moments. By this I really mean they are very, very, emotional at heart. Look at point no.7 for a deep explanation.

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7/Overly emotional

Kill them with a knife, but never hurt them with words. Words cut deep than a knife does. Yes, they are the little baby of the Zodiac city. A Piscean measures every emotion and relationship with equal love, care, and affection. Never ever lie to them about your feelings, cause they are gifted with this unique feeling of smelling emotions.

Are You Dating A Piscean??

Describing a Piscean is a really emotional journey, they are like small kids who understands the language of love and to them reality is their small little playhouse. Where everything is good, happy and jovial. Dealing with them can be really difficult if you don’t have enough patience, but if you can stay with a Piscean, nothing in this whole damn world can make you feel loved more than them. Their most compatible signs are- Taurus, Scorpio,

Their most compatible signs areTaurus, Scorpio, Cancer, and Capricorn. Even the compatible signs are the 4 most complicated signs of the Zodiac world, Scorpio being the leader of them.