Are You in Love with a Friend?

Are you in love with a friend?

Are You in Love with a Friend?

Symptoms that confirms of you falling in love with your FRIEND

  1. Butterflies Dragonflies and every fly in your stomach

The next time you see your best friend, note do you feel tingly inside?  When he or she talks to you, the words in your mind get tangled up in a huge knot and you don’t know what to say?  You try your best to say it but these flies in your stomach are making you all silent and speechless.  It may be a sign you’re falling in love. [ Read: 7 Signs Your Boyfriend Loves You More Than Anyone Else ]

  1. Doodling names

The last page of our notebook describes our mind in the best possible way. In between those     boring lectures when your hand is in control of your heart you end up you start doodling one of your very close friends name out of nowhere. No, you are not an artist you are that person who has fallen, walked (and every other gesture) in love.


Dreams pull us far away from reality and take us to our own world! Is that friend a part of it? When you’re asleep at night, you dream of you both living a carefree and happy world together. Maybe you even dream about a honeymoon. The weird part is if you try to stop all these feelings, you just can’t. You can’t get him or her out of your mind. You are always thinking about a future with that friend and this isn’t normal this only happens when the friendship has developed into love and if you are doing all this then I am sure you don’t need anyone telling you that you have fallen for that one friend. [ Read: Feeling Of Falling In Love With My Best Friend – Story ]


You sit down for a while and start working, until you run out of ideas and you start to daydream about your friend, till the point where someone snaps you out of it and you come back to reality. Your daydreams seem timeless and you imagine that you and that dear friend are the only two people in the world.


You start listening to slow love songs, and those songs explain a sweet love story and strangely remind you of that friend. Then this genre becomes your favorite type of music for a long while. You listen to these songs again and again and you just can’t get enough of it, pretty soon you notice you have mastered the lyrics as well and eventually they convert into your Facebook status. [ Read: 9 Quotes about Being in Love with Your Best Friend ]


And when you meet your friend and time passes so quickly, all you want is some super powers so that you can freeze the moment and live in it for another 50 hours

The whole situation takes a point where you become restless without that one Peron and want them around you all the time.


Maybe your friends also notice you’ve been acting strange lately. Somehow you seem to be not worried about the world and the things that are taking place around you. You start getting clumsy and that is because he or she is the only thing that seems to go around in your mind and nothing else seems more important to you. Your bags , notes , books ,  other friends have taken a back seat in your life. [ Read: Difference Between Love And Friendship ]


Not anymore of those jeans and t-shirts, But now you take some extra effort to get ready before you guys are meeting. Smelling good is what you really focus on every time because now that one hug is the only important part of the day. With all this comes one critical thing which is getting cautious about the little things. Do I have food stuck in my teeth? Is my hair all over the place? Such questions haunt your mind every time you go meet that friend and the only reason that this happens is that you always want to look perfect in from of them and set a good expression.


If you feel that you don’t have to have a kind of “mask” around him or her and you feel like you can be yourself and express your  thoughts and feelings openly, things are off to a great and healthy start and that start is definitely not stopping on the bridge of friendship. [ Read: 15 Types of Relationships to Define Your Love Life ]

Don’t rush, there is no need to rush, because he/ she will be around for a while, like they always have been. There is ample of time to explore, to learn, and to enjoy. There is this feeling of assurance and comfort. He has been and still is your best friend.  So if the love story doesn’t work out fine then you will still have a friend in them forever.