Are You Having an Affair with a Married Man

Are You Having an Affair with a Married Man

It is difficult to control your emotions and the way you feel for someone. You might fall in love with someone even though you know you are taking a wrong step. What if you fall in love with a married man? Even if you fail to control your feelings, you should not go to the extent of having an affair with him. What can you do if you are already involved with him? [ Read: Falling In Love with a Married Man ]

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Having an affair with a married man is often perceived as a scandalous thing. It is something that society does not approve of. If you are dating a married man, you are doing it on the sly. You cannot let everybody know about it. Both of you meet secretly and keep your affair under wraps. There is always a certain amount of danger and risk involved. You must be fully aware of what you are getting into before taking this step. Being in a relationship is very different from being in a normal relationship.

Is it worth it?

Dating a married man only makes sense if his divorce proceedings are underway and he will soon be free from the marriage he is in. If not, then there is no point in having an affair with him. It does not make sense to go out with a man who you know would never leave his wife for you. Sooner or later, he will dump you and there will be nobody around to nurse your wounds. Think about his wife. Why should she suffer? She could be a nice woman who trusts her husband implicitly and showers all her love on him. She clearly does not deserve this betrayal. Once she gets to know of the truth, she will be shattered and you will be partly responsible for this. It is not fair to keep her in the dark while you go about having an affair with her husband. Even if he is unhappy with his marriage and his wife troubles him, ask him to get a divorce first and then get into a relationship with you. He cannot keep one foot each in two boats. It is easy for a man to get away with this but you will have to face severe consequences for this. Worse, his wife and your family will suffer for no fault of theirs. [ Read: Find out are you Dating a Married Man?



There is a lot of pain and sorrow involved when you get involved with a married man. And, nobody but you is responsible for putting you in that spot. Sometimes, we lose our heart to someone only to realize that we cannot have them in our life. They are already committed to somebody else. After knowing this, we should stop thinking about them and move on. If you fail to do that, the only thing you are bringing upon yourself is pain. Not only are you putting your relationship with your family, friends and relatives at stake, you are also ruining somebody else’s life. Do not fool yourself by making yourself believe that nobody is going to find out about your affair. People will get to know about it eventually, and when they do, the spotlight will be on you. Your man could walk out on you leaving you to deal with the questions and taunts of your family members and society. You might be happy with the fact that you are in a relationship with a guy you love. But, you must understand you will gain nothing and lose everything in the long run. It is better to realize this while you can. After a while it could get too late to make amends. [ Read: If You Can’t Stop Doing These 10 Things, You’re Not Ready To Get Married ]

How to control your feelings?

Controlling your feelings could be difficult but if you listen to your heart and mind, you will know the difference between right and wrong. You could easily foresee the trouble and heartbreak that lies ahead. The truth is that your heart sometimes takes you in the wrong direction. You should have the discretion to avoid that road and opt for the path that leads in the right direction. Falling for a man is one thing, but getting into a relationship with him, when you have the option of not being involved with him, would not be the right thing to do. Yes, it is his mistake too. He, being a married man, should not have encouraged you to get into a relationship with him. But, you are a responsible person. If things go wrong, you will only blame yourself. [ Read: A Letter from A Newly Married Daughter to Her Mother and Father ]

You should always follow your heart, but before that, you must figure out whether it is leading you in the right direction or not. Love is a positive emotion that should make you happy. If your feelings hurt somebody or create trouble in somebody’s life, you should let the feelings go.