Anyone Can Be Romantic With These 9 Tips


Anyone Can Be Romantic With These 9 Tips

Like really! Being romantic or making your partner feel the fondness you have for them is really a rocket-science task for those to whom romance means something totally awkward. It’s not that they run away or are allergic to it, but, they don’t know how to show it. They are really very very conscious about their tricks, thus this puts them under the spotlight every time they decide to shower their devoted fondness. So, finally, we the team of #likelovequotes has come together to help you fix your ROMANTIC-PROBLEM of being #ROMANTIC. Just follow the points.

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Anyone Can Be Romantic With These 12 Tips

 1.You don’t need any place or occasion to shower your romantic love

Being romantic requires some really mindful ideas and some desire to implement them. Let me give you an example. My parents were in a good long relationship for almost 9 years before they decided to exchange the vows, it’s been 20 years now and I haven’t seen them seeking some exotic places to make each other feel the breeze of love. What my mother does is, she gives my dad a sudden surprise visit in his office with a tiffin full of his favourite lunch. My dad smiles from ear to ear and thus, they spend a nice cosy official #romantic lunch.

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2. Technology unites people

Make a collection of your partner’s favourite music and play it as soon as he/she returns home. Make sure you serve them a glass of cold water and allow them to get fresh. Dedicate the laptop and the music system to your partner and listen to their choice. Thank technology later *WINK WINK*.

3. The morning dose of goodness

Before sipping the morning tea or coffee or juice, start your day by kissing and hugging your partner. Trust me, nothing can be more #romantic than this. The rising sun and its rays falling on your shoulder, you both hugging each other, seal the moment with a nice SELFIE.

Anyone Can Be Romantic With These 12 Tips

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4. Type a nice status for your love

Dedicate your facebook and WhatsApp status to your partner. Write something lovable, something which will make him/her smile and blush at the same time. And for this, you don’t have to book a ticket either book any special resort, just use your keypad and type the words.

5. Compliment each other

Never leave a chance to compliment your partner how hard he/she works, how hard he/she works, how creative is their mind and how skillfully they cook the world’s best food. A short and simple compliment can create and light up any dull moment.

Anyone Can Be Romantic With These 12 Tips

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6. Bring up old stories about how you both meet

“Hey, do you remember that day,…”, just those small but notable anecdotes which made you a couple. Memories can be both fun and adorable. You know at times, either of the partners can forget those days, and thus you can pull their legs by teasing them.

7.Snuggle each other

Never underestimate the power of snuggle, just do it!

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8. Bunk your office and sneak out for the day

Sneak out from your office and relive the olden golden days from your college life. Just like you did when you both were a college student. The only difference will be at that time you had to do it with all the risk and now, you will do it to relive those moments again.

9. Still looking for points, just go and apply them.

Let the light of romance shine bright and high, be your partner’s #romantic mate and make them realise how important they are to you. Romance is a simple feeling mixed with multiple emotions, play it right and yes, this is not all any rocket science. Neither you have to obtain any degree from NASA to pass in this.