Not Every Ending Has An Answer And That’s Okay


Not Every Ending Has An Answer And That’s Okay

Breathing heavily, trying to control the tears, we hope to find out a valid answer to some unsolved questions. We try every little way, from stalking to blank calls to even checking old messages, in the hope to find out a reasonable solution. But nothing works, we find absolutely zero answers. But don’t you feel that when there is no answer, you don’t actually need to find one? Some questions are better unanswered as they are made up that way.

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Not Every Ending Has An Answer And That's Okay

It is better not to search for the answers

Some problems have no accurate answers. No matter how many predictions or how many assumptions we do, no perfect conclusion can be reached. So why over think and increase your blood pressure? Search for a missing file which has no clue and has no destination is unhealthy. It will make you even more vulnerable and force you to concern towards that particular thing, leaving all the other work.

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It will haunt you like a sinful nightmare

We all want a good night sleep and a Goodmorning wake-up. This is the gateway to a healthy and a healthy body. But when we are trying to seek out the answer to those questions, we can’t afford to enjoy any of these good habits. In that case, our mind, body, and concentration are solely focused on that answer, which has no meaning at all. You go to sleep with the thought that today you will get an answer. Spending the entire day thinking about it. What is the use?

Love is simple, Life is a journey, not a quest

Yes, Love is indeed simple! We, humans, make it difficult for our own selves as well as others. Love only wants love and nothing else. But we make it complicated by infusing tension, comparison, betrayal, fights, arguments, avoiding face to face conversations, and what not! We forget that life is a journey, a beautiful journey. We started off as innocent beings, slowly learning from every failure. Time and failures helped us to create an amazing memoir or journey where all the memories are etched. But instead of creating an imperfectly beautiful journey we are running behind something which has no tail and no head.

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Breath and keep it easy

Whenever you feel you are overthinking or creating a pressure on yourself, just breath and relax. Too much of thinking about a particular issue can harm your brain, your heart and even your daily life. Our mind is mechanised in a very simple way. The way we train them, it works accordingly. So, if you train your mind to only overthink and create a tension, it will attract more jangling thoughts. And then, you won’t be able to focus on your studies, work, personal life, and your own self. This is when people start losing self-confidence on themselves. Cause they are so busy overthinking that they forget to take cars of themselves.

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Overthinking kills

And we thought it was only smoking and alcohol! Overthinking is the father of all overdose. The more we coax our mind to think or seek out an answer to something which is not needed the more we are harming our harmony. Let that answer be without an answer. You don’t have to find out so many answers and start connecting it with your conclusions. There is absolute no need. It will only give you dark circles, grumpy face, fatigue, unhealthy routine. Life is only one, utilise it correctly.

Not Every Ending Has An Answer And That's Okay

In this article, I have not given any particular incident or reason. The seek for the answer can be anything. It can be relationship issues with your partner or with your family.