An Open Letter To My Future Husband

An Open Letter To My Future Husband

An Open Letter To My Future Husband

Heartbreaks, setbacks, rumors and the spiteful world – I have been through so much. Not to complain about how horrible life has been to me, because all this is a routine; we all have to face these ups and downs in relationships. Follow us on   To make things easy for you – I am a woman! I am simple to deal with, but complicated to understand. I don’t have too many expectations, but I wish to be treated well! I will fight with you, but I will also fight for you! Do I sound complicated already? Don’t worry, this sounds like a lot more work than it actually is!  [ Read: Husband Writes An Open Letter to His Wife ]

I will be an open book and tell you the perfect way to deal with a woman like me (or any woman) – love, respect and concern. All I honestly wish for from the man I love is that he respects me and my choices and shows some love and affection. Your bank balance, your house or your car are of little importance to me. Yes, I do wish to lead a comfortable life, but I am not someone who you can win over by money and material.  [ Read: Wife Writes An Open Letter to Her Husband ]

Fortunately or unfortunately, I have been very picky about the men I have dated. A couple of bad relationships in my teenage years have taught me a good lesson. So I may have been a fool in love, but today I can proudly say that I am a mature woman with realistic expectations and want.  [ Read: Letter of Teenage Girl ]

Honesty is another crucial aspect I base my relationships on. In fact, it is a make or break for me! If I am giving you my all, I need to trust you completely and you too need to have faith in me. Suspicion and distrust are just poisonous snakes in a marriage; no matter how much the love – we will never last we have lies under the carpet. So I need to know you are going to be truthful to me in any situation, at any time!  [ Read: Guy Writes an Open Letter to His Long Distance Relationship Partner ]

As far as love goes, I am a born romantic – the idea of a bike ride in the rains, or coffee on the terrace at midnight or trekking on a weekend excites me. Of course, I will enjoy those candle light dinner or pub crawls, but the memories that we will create on such off-beat romantic evenings is what will bring us closer and make us stronger.  [ Read: An Open Letter To My Future Wife ]

I sound like a typical rom-com movie fanatic, but don’t worry – I am aware that you cannot build a life based on love alone. Career, family, money is all needed to build a complete life. Being a woman with strong views, I will appreciate your support in all my endeavours. Just like I will admire you and your acumen, your patronage will play a very crucial part in my career. You being the love of my life, your thoughts and opinions will probably be the strongest influence on me; so use your powers well! [ Read: Sister Writes an Open Letter to Her Brother as She Turns 16 ]

Now coming to another aspect of marriage- family! Most men are always worried about the relationship between the girl they love and the family. In fact, I think that men are more nervous than the women when it comes with ties with their family. So let me take the burden off your shoulder – I do not have any witchy traits in me. My formula in life is very simple – be nice and let live! I believe that we owe all the good that we are blessed with to our parents; their good karma is what getting us all the happiness and success. Sure, we all need some adjusting and some patience, but at the end of the day I wish to go back to a happy family!  [ Read: A Letter from A Newly Married Daughter to Her Mother and Father ]

I believe that love, trust and respect will take us places and if we follow this formula, our marriage will be an exciting, scenic drive! Dreams, hopes and success – we will achieve it all as long as we stand by each other and solid as rock!