An Open Letter To My Future Girlfriend

An Open Letter To My Future Girlfriend

An Open Letter To My Future Girlfriend

Dear future girlfriend,

It has been a year since I broke up with my ex-girlfriend. Why did I not date anyone for so long, you ask? Well, I have been waiting for you. My earlier relationships have taught me to be careful and wait for the right person to come into your life before you make the commitment. It’s not like the relationships I had, in the past, have left me bitter. No. In fact, most of those relationships turned out be healthy and fulfilling. But, I was a not a very mature guy back then and got into those relationships without putting any thought. After being in a string of relationships, I decided to take it easy. I decided to wait for that one person who would change the course of my life for the better. So yes, I have been waiting for you. [ Read: A BIG Sign He’ll Commit To You In The Future ]

Trust me when I say this – I am not a frivolous. And, when it comes to relationships, I try to be extra cautious as to not to take any wrong step that could spell disaster for the relationship. I can proudly say I have been a good and honest boyfriend and my ex-girlfriends were not unkind to me either. When a relationship does not work, it does not necessarily mean that things did not materialize because of an individual. Two individuals can be great human beings in their own right but they may not necessarily be compatible with each other. They could respect each other but not love (in the conventional sense) each other. Two different people, no matter how similar they are, are bound to have some differences. I am sure that we will able to work out our differences and learn a lot from each other in the process. We would, in due course of time, learn to accept each other’s differences and accept each other for what we are. [ Read: 9 Ways to Tell if Your Guy Wants to Marry You ]

I am a good cook. That’s what most people who know me tell me. The fact that they eagerly look forward to the parties I organize, in which I served them food cooked by me, is a good enough reason for me to believe in what they say. No, I am not being boastful. I would like you to put my culinary skills to the test. Try out some of the food cooked by me and give me your feedback. I would really appreciate your honest opinion. If the meal fails to satiate you, just let me know. I would try harder and cook up a better meal for you. [ Read: 15 Things to Consider Before Moving in with Your Boyfriend! ]

I am a music buff and I hope you listen to a fair bit of music. No issues if you don’t but if you do, we could spend hours listening to our favourite artists and exchanging notes. I have been learning the guitar for some time. I am not great at it but I can strum a few chords and play a couple of songs. I have composed some original songs and would love to play out to them sometime. In fact, you could inspire me to compose a song! We could have jam sessions, attend concerts and discover some great music together. We could also bond over various other hobbies that both of us share or you have. You could introduce me to something that I have never been exposed to earlier. We don’t have to share the same interests or hobbies. With a willingness to accept the way we are, we could learn a lot. [ Read: 13 Warning Signs To Detect On The Very First Dates! ]

The most important thing in a relationship is that you should be able to connect to your partner well. You may be different people but you should have similar ideologies and you should look at the world with a common view. If there is a huge difference of opinion between the two of you regarding a major issue, it is not a good sign. I am a good listener and I listen to people’s thoughts and opinions with an open mind and then share my views on the same subject. I hope you are a good listener too as there would be times when we may have a difference of opinion but we can sort it out with a calm and open mind. We do not have to fight or argue with each other. We can discuss things out. [ Read: 10 Valuable Lessons You Will Learn From Failed Relationships ]

Physically intimacy is not the most important thing in a relationship but it is important nevertheless. But, there is absolutely no need to rush into things that you are not sure about. We could take it slow and let things take their own course. The desire to get physically intimate should come organically and it should not be looked upon as a compulsion. Just keep me in loop about your feelings. I am sure once we get to know each other very well and are comfortable with each other, we would be able to sense each other’s feelings better. [ Read: 6 Ways To End Fights And Conflicts Quickly ]

So, I have poured my heart out to you. Looking forward to hear your thoughts. I am sure that will happen once we get to meet each other. I am sure you will turn out to be gem of a human being and hopefully, you will like me a bit too. I am getting jittery thinking about the day we will meet. I hope I make a good impression. If I don’t, I would request you not to judge me by the first impression you would have of me. Give me some time, give ‘us’ some time. I am sure we will grow quite fond of each other as we spend some quality time with each other. Looking forward to our meeting. [ Read: An Open Letter From Girlfriend To Her Boyfriend ]

Yours Lovingly,

Future Boyfriend.