An Open Letter From a Single Mother to her Twin Children

An Open Letter From a Single Mother to her Twins Children

An Open Letter From a Single Mother to her Twin Children

Dearest kids,

Today is your 15th birthday and on this occasion I want to talk to you about certain things. I have always loved both of you equally. Both of you are soon to be adults. On this birthday, I wish that both of you realise what life is all about, realise what you want to become in the future and start planning things out.

You both are twins. Many of your friends don’t have siblings. But you both are lucky to have each other. You are of the same age and have done your studies in the same school. Instead of fighting with each other, try and support each other. You both can share your problems with one another and can seek advice too. Instead of blaming each other, start learning from each other. [ Read : 13 Dating tips for single motherss ]

I’ve always tried to make up for the absence of your dad since we both got divorced. I always wanted you both to meet him and bond with him as well, because I believe that a dad’s role is just as important in a child’s life as their mother’s is. You both are grown up now. I have spent some precious moments with the both of you throughout your childhood. I was lucky to give birth to both a boy and a girl. It was the most blissful day of my life. I cannot express in words how happy I was when I saw both of your faces for the first time.

I know that you are not fond of your step mother and you don’t talk to her with a straight face. But let me tell you kids, being bitter to someone for something that has happened long ago will never help you in life. I don’t expect you to love her, but you can be cordial with her at least. There is no reason to punish her for what went wrong between me and your dad. Everyone has the right to live their life, and that’s just what your dad did. [ Read : The Selfish Mother ]

You both are almost adults now. Your choices will make a lot of difference in your life. I have never imposed my choices on you and have always encouraged both of you to take your own decisions. Sometimes, you regretted them while sometimes it left you feeling amazing. This is how you gain knowledge in life. Practical experience and the consequences of one’s own decisions have to be faced all alone. Whether you are good at academics or not, whether you are good at sports or not, I want you to be good human beings. Always help someone in trouble. Don’t mock the weak. Always lend a helping hand whenever you can. Be yourself. Be comfortable in your own skin. God has made you beautiful the way you are. Do not compare yourself to other people. They might be having a tough situation in their life that you are probably not aware of.

Teenage is a crucial time for every child and you might face peer pressure too. But I want you to remember that you should never do something just to impress your friends or to show off. Habits make a person. Inculcating a good habit takes lot of hard work and persistence while bad habits stick to you without any effort. Make wise choices in life, kids. Love everybody around you. Don’t ever fear any difficult circumstance you might face. For, once you overcome your fears, you will win! You will accomplish something you have never done before. [ Read : A Letter from A Newly Married Daughter to Her Mother and Father ]

I have always been proud of both of you. You have done very well in your academics and have been the nicest boy and nicest girl. I’ve never felt the need to lecture the both of you. Soon, kids, you will have plenty of friends and you might not even have a second to spare for your mommy. And I hope you enjoy your youth to the fullest.  Learn the most amazing things with your friends. Always stay close to your family. And last but definitely not the least, I just want to tell you kids that I love you both a lot and I am always there for you.

P.S. – There is your favourite chocolate pudding and cake in the refrigerator for your party.

Your mom.

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