An Open Letter by a Girl in a Long Distance Relationship

An Open Letter by a Girl in a Long Distance Relationship

An Open Letter by a Girl in a Long Distance Relationship

I would like to believe that our relationship to be the perfect high school romance – there was love, there was drama, yet in the end it was always us! Soon, it was time we each pursue our career aspirations which meant – distance! You moved to Germany leaving me behind to pursue my love for psychology and of course, mixed emotions.

The thought of you being away made me anxious and insecure, but at the same time I had complete faith in love. I was sure we would pass the test of distance with flying colours. Initially, it was like nothing had changed – we would FaceTime day and night, tell each other about our days and send selfies all the time with “I wish you were here” tags. The cuteness and romance was so alive! [ Read: Guy Writes an Open Letter to His Long Distance Relationship Partner ]

Today, six months down the line these love conversations feel like such a passé. Those days when you would tell me all about your day in detail are long gone; I don’t even stay awake to video chat with you anymore. I am quite content with those ‘good night’ messages from you as you are with my ‘good morning’ messages. If you have noticed, those Instagram posts and “I miss you” pictures are hardly ever posted. And how can we forget the fights – every time we speak, we get into a furious argument! Is distance playing its game here?

When I’m out with my friends, I tend to notice other couple and wish you were here to tickle me, and feed me that spoon of ice-cream, and of course put your arm around my shoulders and chat! But I haven’t heard from you in three days, let alone receiving a sweet ‘I love you’ message. In fact, when I get home, I see pictures of you hanging out with a bunch of your so-called friends, some of whom are pretty blonde girls, and laughing like you are having the best time of your life. Do you miss me at all? [ Read: Best Quote About Long Distance Love ]

A cute guy from my college has become a good friend over the past few months. I enjoy his company – we take off on a trek on some Sundays, watch all the new action flicks that release every week and go out for drink on weekends with a bunch of other people. He makes me happy! I hardly think about you when he’s around and our relationship worries don’t even exist when I’m with him. My friends say he is interested in me, he shows signs of interest too. However, he knows about you, so he doesn’t push it. As for me, I’m not too sure – is it because I miss you too much or am I genuinely falling for him?

You will have umpteen opportunities coming your way in terms of career and well, even relationships. I tend to get extremely insecure when you are at your house parties or playing tennis with your close bunch of people. You never know when you will be awed by whom. By bringing up my jealousy and insecurity all I am doing is ruining all your fun times. Contradictory to my reactions, I want you to live your life; I don’t want to be the party pooper. Believe it or not, I know my restrictions are just pumping poison to our relationship. [ Read: 8 Best Things About Long Distance Relationship ]

I know you are away and are meeting new people. I too am building a new life for myself. So should our love for each other stop us from growing? Just because I love you and you love me, it is the end of the world. You and I both are so young; we have to still begin our careers so our love shouldn’t be an obstacle in this, right?

I know you will be surprised to hear me saying all this – me, the one person who had complete faith in our love and surviving every single stone life throws at us. I still have that faith, darling. All I am saying is that we need to move with times and progress with developments. So if today I wish to move to Singapore for work, our love should not hold me back. The whole idea of love is freedom and being your true self with your soulmate. So are we being true to each other? [ Read: 15 Ways to Save a Long Distance Relationship ]

Today it is not that high school drama. Today we are sailing on deep waters; if we topple we will drown. To keep our romance alive we need to respect the distance. We haven’t lost the battle, but we need to address the present times and current life stage. So in my opinion we need to save “us” and give each other some liberty.

I know this long distance romance is taking a toll on you too, so let us allow each other to test other options as well. I will not fight when you don’t give me time and you will not get angry if I’m interacting with another guy. This sounds like a confused stage, but things aren’t going smooth with all the fights and tension any way. So why don’t we try to find an amicable solution? [ Read: Difference Between Love and Marriage Explained [ In A Short Story ] ]

By just ending our exclusivity today, we are carefree yet have our ties intact. So three or four years down the line when our lives are moving on a stable path and our love is still prevailing, we could talk about more commitment.