Am I cheating? 8 Signs You Are Accidentally Doing It

Am I cheating? 8 Signs You Are Accidentally Doing It

In the age of high-end technology, social media and easy access to making acquaintances, cheating is something that is associated with an alarmingly high number of people. It is natural to get attracted to people of the opposite sex. In the older times, people did not get connected to each other very easily but today, technology has made it possible for people to interact with each other at a click of a mouse. This easy access has enabled people to get in touch with people from all across the globe and has also facilitated stronger bods forming between them. Now, while it has worked as a boon for many people, there is also a flip-side to this story which cannot be ignored.

It has become very easy for people to cheat on their partner and have affairs behind their back. A lot of people misuse this medium to have illicit affairs. However, there are some who love their partners but end up cheating on them accidentally. Accidental cheating refers to the kind of cheating in which you betray your partner without even realizing that you are doing so.

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Am I cheating 8 Signs You Are Accidentally Doing It

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Here are 8 signs that suggest you are accidentally cheating on your partner:

  1. Lying to them

When you lie to your partner ask yourself as to what made yo hide something from them. If you are out with a girl whom you call a friend, then why do you refrain from informing the same to your partner? That is because somewhere down the line you are attracted to that person and this stops you from telling you are partner that you are out with them. You try to le to yourself and make yourself believe that the person is your friend but deep down you know that the truth is something else.

  1. Getting physically close

When you find a person attractive you initiate a conversation with them. Before you realize it, you start getting very close to them physically and touch them several times. You think you have become friends with them and that is the reason you have got so close to them. The fact, however, is that you are physically attracted to them which, in turn, is pilling you towards them.

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  1. Texting strangers

You spend hours sending messages to people whom you have met just once or twice. They are strangers to you but you spend a lot of time exchanging messages with them. When your partner asks you whom you are talking to, you lie to them. You might think you are texting them because you like having a conversation with them. That’s alright but why do you lie to your partner?

  1. Hiding your phone

Until recently, you were okay with your partner handling your anymore. But, not anymore. Whenever your partner reaches out to your phone, you grab it away from them. You never let them touch your phone and give silly excuses for doing the same.

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  1. Not receiving calls

Ignoring your partner’s calls or not replying to their messages when you are with somebody else suggests that something is wrong. Maybe you do not want your partner to know that you are with somebody else. You want to hide this from your partner and would prefer that you your partner does not get to know about your meeting with this person.

  1. Somebody else acquires prominence

Your partner is supposed to be the most important person in your life.  If there is somebody else who seems more important to you than your partner, you must give it some thought the status of that other person in your life. What makes you give them more importance than your partner? You must figure out your priorities and be clear about your feelings. If you are giving the other person more importance, then clearly your partner is not important enough to you anymore.

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  1. Social media

Social media has remarkably increased the rate of infidelity. It gives people from different parts of the world the opportunity to interact with each other. While it enables people to make acquaintances with like-minded people, it has also given rise to the rate of infidelity as some people use it to have affairs with strangers, while keeping their partners in the dark.

  1. Being discreet

Being discreet and not letting your partner know about the kind of people you meet, the places you go to suggest that you are trying to hide something from them. Even though they may not realize it, you have to admit you are not comfortable with the idea of sharing this information with them.

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Humans are vulnerable in nature. The heart can take you into directions you do not necessarily venture into. You intend to remain loyal to your partner but circumstances can put you into a spot where you cheat on your partner without realizing you are doing so.