I am always Scared to Love Someone Deeply – What to do?

I am always Scared to Love Someone Deeply – What to do?

Question Asked:
I am always scared to love someone deeply because I just don’t know how can I protect myself from not to be hurt badly. I’ve been in  many relationship before but it didn’t last longer because i am always terrified. Can you help me how to prevent this feeling from getting always scared?

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I am always Scared to Love Someone Deeply - What to do?

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Fans Suggestion:
Love yourself first and foremost so you can truly love others fully and your self, love will equip you to face and embrace your fear….. What happened in your past relationships is the past…. Aside from making you stronger those relationships should have no bearing on future ones because every person is different and you never know when the right one will come into your life.

2) It is understandable to want to protect yourself from heartbreak and pain, and the feeling of fear against that, it is a hard thing to prevent. But if you truly love someone, and they love you back, the chances are, they feel the same fear. You help each other through that fear by showing that you will not hurt each other, and that you both care deeply for each other. There is no way to prevent the feeling of being terrified of pain. It is always there, but when you find that special person, they will ease your fears and you will most likely ease theirs as well.

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3) As they say, you cannot love without being hurt, just always think to give your best in every relationship at the same time never expect too much.

4) You can’t be scared to fall in love open yourself up to the idea of love. Not all people are out to hurt you. Love is beautiful with the right person.

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5) If I loved her I will expect only her happiness …… If she’s not happy with me then its a fruitless relationship…… Because I love her.

6) Yes, we are expecting too much, if I am in love 100% of this, but when people I love leave for me gives more pain, I can’t even give myself even a half of percent because I am always scared.

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