Age Defines Your Identity- Really??


Age Defines Your Identity- Really??

What is age exactly? It is just a number, that keeps on getting multiplied every year. Simple?? Well, for the girls it’s not that much simple. To them, these numbers are their nightmares. The more the number,the more they get near to those CIVILIZED COMMENTS OF THE SO CALLED CIVILIZED SOCIETY. And the strange fact is, we still talk a lot on independence and how our society is adopting to the new norms, where in reality, it is still the same. How?? Well, have a look at the points below.

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Age Defines Your Identity- Really??

1/The concept of marriage

This is the first thing we girls hear almost every day as soon we cross 24 or 25. The age 26+ is something like a caution bell, one needs to get settled by 24, have kids by 25 and grandchildren by 55. Please, get some job. Stop poking your filthy nose on our private life. We respect marriage and this is the reason we are not in the rush to do it, just for the sake of doing it. Just because of their age, one should never force their daughter or sister to get married.

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Let us achieve our own dreams, have a name for our own self and more than us, we are working hard so that we can give our parents the desired comfort they deserve. You guys gave us all the comforts and now it’s our turn. Marriage is totally a new chapter, one needs to give their time and full concentration to make their marriage work. Don’t push us based on our age. Unless you want us to get divorced after a year.

2/How much do you earn

The myth that only men face this questions are so not true. Even we girls get surveyed by such questions. What will you exactly do with our earning?? Like, really, I mean what will you do?? Be it in the parties or in any kind of social gatherings, the famous question of “So, how much do you earn” will be asked. And by chance, if our SALARY is not up to the mark, only a magic potion through which we can dissolve into the air can save us. We are really happy with our earnings and are desperately working hard to survive in this world, where people like you are always there to make our life miserable.

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3/Don’t you visit the parlour regularly

Why?? Are we going to attend your non-stop through the year wedding reception?? I don’t understand why they feel so much pissed off with our dark circles or our rough hair. We have our parents to take care of and also, the money we earn after working from morning to evening, we don’t like to spend those so vaguely. I mean, yes we do visit the parlours, but not almost every week or every month. At times, we do our facial at home with some pure home-made products. I think you should also try those, might be your heavy wrinkles will get some cheeky shine.

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4/You don’t have a boyfriend/ Who was that guy with you

First of all, we have a boyfriend or not is completely our own personal space. And secondly, the guy with whom I was roaming the other day is also our own personal space. We are absolutely not answerable to your queries. So, please bore someone else with your questions.

5/You should take up “ABC” career as my relative has taken this

Very common if you have a joint or THE HUGE ONE BIGGEST HAPPIEST FAMILY. Suggestions keep pouring like the Niagara falls, “Oh! My brother’s wife’s sister in law had done this particular course, I think you should do the same” or something more like, “Don’t take up this particular line, it has no career and how much will earn by this??” We respect your concern regarding our life but, don’t you think we are eligible enough to decide what will be our career goal. My point is, if you can’t encourage anybody, please don’t discourage them either. Keep your mouth shut and use your brain at the right place.

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Age Defines Your Identity- Really??

I have said what I wanted to say and I meant what I said. Thus, I rest my case right here. AMEN.