Advice For Women: Things You Should Never Do For A Guy


Advice For Women: Things You Should Never Do For A Guy

An advice for women and that too on the things they should avoid doing for their guy?? Sounds really rude! I don’t think so. Because being a woman I have seen that in the name of love we tend to forget what we need and how we feel. I am not saying you to avoid caring or compromising for your man, but the thing which I am trying to explain is, limit yourself and never allow LOVE to dictate your life. So, here are the advises you need to follow to ensure a stable and comfortable life with your man.

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Advice For Women: Things You Should Do For A Guy

1/ Resign from your dream

You worked really hard to fulfil your dream and now after getting married you are sacrificing it just because your husband is saying you to, not good. If your man forces you to choose between you and your dreams, always choose your dream. Why?? Because a real man will never force you to leave your dream and will instead support you to shine more.

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2/ Compromise on your beliefs

Since our childhood, we are taught that our moral or belief is our real identity. And if it’s a healthy one we don’t have to actually change it or dump it. Never ever change or compromise on your morals just because your man is saying so. In fact, if he really respects you he will admire your values and accept you as you are.

3/Fake it (Your Appearance)

Working out and following a strict diet is cool only if you are doing it all by your will. But what if your man forces you to become like someone else, that’s not cool. There are a hell and heaven difference between concern and faking. The concern  is supporting your wife and explaining her the benefits of staying healthy, faking, is forcing her to be like 36-24-36. I guess you’ll understand the difference.

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4/Giving up your lone time

Spending some me time or a moment of solitude is a must for each and every individual. This allows one to understand themselves more appropriately and also focus on their life. It can be anything, from cooking to going for a walk alone, never ever compromise or waive your moment of solitude.

5/Being rude to your friends

Understanding is the bond that keeps two people together. And if your man urges you to be rude or even leave your friend, my advice will be to simply avoid his order. I mean we all have friends and there is nothing harm in it. A guy who loves you will never urge you to leave your friend or be rude to them. Instead, he will be happy enough to meet your own gang of friends, it’s like an extended family. So, keep a watch on what you are doing!

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6/Being tamed all the time

Never allow your husband to control your life from A-Z. Like, what you eat, what you wear, when should you breathe, how should you pee etc. A relationship is like a song, which is identified by its music, composition and many other important criteria’s. Following what your husband say’s is ok but allowing him to tame you, is not. So never allow love to dictate your own life.

7/The concept of kids

Having a baby is a mutual decision. It can’t be like one agrees and the other disagrees. A child is a huge responsibility and the decision should be made mutually. One can’t have a baby just because her husband wants to, it is a reciprocal understanding.

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Being in a relationship, loving someone or even marrying the one you love is a beautiful feeling. And above that being a woman doesn’t mean that you have to go beyond your limits to make your man happy.

Advice For Women: Things You Should Do For A Guy

Word of advice from your writer friend: Happiness is achieved by giving happiness in return, not by forcing your lady to live an unwanted life. So, before deciding to sacrifice or even compromise, use your brain and think about it, is it worth it?? Am I doing it all by my own wish or under some pressure?? Be wise and gift yourself a happy life.