Tips To Make Him Addicted To You


Tips To Make Him Addicted To You

If you really want someone to get addicted to you, the best thing we can suggest you is to Be You!. Yes you read it right, nothing can make him more addicted to you than your very nature. If you are real it will attract him towards you like anything . Guys love it when girls portray them as they are. They do not like artificiality in girls. The formula to make him addicted to you is to be who you really are. We know that many of you must be thinking it will not work every time but this is not true. This works every time an leaves a lasting impression on the mind of the person.

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How To Keep Him Addicted To You

We know this world is nothing but a faux castle but still there are many who still believe that beauty is being real than living a life which is full of artificiality. We suggest you to be real because it makes life easy. Pretending to be the person you are not is a tough task. This is because you can’t live entire life pretending. There will arise a situation at some point of time where it will highlight your true nature. Difficulties that we face time to time help us realise that it is not about glitters and gold. It is also about some shady days too.

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Let him get addicted to the person he is falling for. Let him fall for your you and not for the temporary pleasure that you provide. That feeling of permanence and the feeling that you will always be at his side will keep him addicted to you no matter what. Let him be attracted towards your little cute actions and deeds that you do for him. Simply making him special will help you win his heart.

Be You! the formula is very effective and leave a lasting impression on their mind. Such impact remains new forever and never fades away with passing time.