Take This Quiz To Know Are You In An Abusive Relationship


Take This Quiz To Know Are You In An Abusive Relationship

At times you fail to realise how true your relationship is! Are you in an abusive or a respectful relationship? When we fall in love, we actually fail to understand how healthy our relationship is. And in this misunderstanding, we almost ignore all those signs. An abusive relationship is one which has many visible signs, but, we fail to notice them at the right time. So, just for your evaluation and simplicity, we have brought to you a quiz! A quiz through which you can analyse whether you are in an #abusive relationship or not.

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Take This Quiz To Know Are You In An Abusive Relationship

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What is the definition of abuse-

In a relationship, abuse can be of two major types- MENTAL and PHYSICAL. In mental abuse, one makes the other partner suffer emotional derailments like anxiety, depression, etc and all those mental sufferings. In short, when you are forced to adjust beyond your will and your happiness, thus pushing yourself to any unsolicited world that has only deep hollows.

The next is physical abuse! Well, one has a clear idea of what exactly it stands for. Sex is an emotion, it is that string which binds the two souls.So it should happen with the consent of two people and not the opposite. When your partner forces you to have sex or forcefully tries to get intimate with you, it is called sexual abuse. Either breakup or breakup, there is no point of giving the relationship a second chance.

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Answer these few questions yourself-

When you fall for someone, you instantly start stitching those future fabrics like- kids, getting old together, family, etc, which is right but not at this point. In this illusion of fabricating your future, you overlook those minute questions which you must sit down and answer. Here are some questions which you must consider to answer.

#1. Do you happily smile in this relationship?

#2. Are you in this relationship because of some duty or responsibility?

#3. Are you feeling choked in this relationship but still there due to some unsaid fears??

#4. Do you really want to stay in this relationship??

Think and answer all these questions. Be truthful to your own selves. If you feel like your partner is just using you for their needs and you don’t have any say in this relationship, it is better to call it off.

Now time for some really important quiz-

#. Do you feel anticipated whenever your partner asks for a night out or a dinner date??

#. Do you feel like having sex with your partner or does your partner forces you to do that??

#. Are you usually afraid of expressing different opinion or views or any such little beliefs to your partner??

#. Do you feel your privacy is always hacked beyond your wish and desire??

#. Your partner never respects your decision or your opinion in any matter.

#. Is your partner always stopping you from pursuing or following your career??

Take This Quiz To Know Are You In An Abusive Relationship

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Do take this quiz seriously and give an honest answer to all of these questions. Your future depends on your answers and it is your duty to furnish your future in a beautiful manner. Take your time and decide!