Absolute Reasons Never Date Your Friend’s Ex


Absolute Reasons Never Date Your Friend’s Ex

Absolute Reasons Never Date Your Friend’s Ex. Are you getting attracted to your Friend’s Ex? Are you finding it hard to to decide whether you should Date your Friend’s Ex or not? Is it right to date your friend’s Ex? Often it is seen that some decisions are hard to make. The decision to Date your friend’s Ex is also one of them. To take you out of this dilemma, we bring to you 6 Absolute Reasons why you should Never Date Your Friend’s Ex.

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Absolute Reasons Never Date Your Friend's Ex

We come across many people who get attracted to their Friend’s Ex. Dating too has become complicated in this complicated world. Here are 6 Absolute Reasons that shows why you should Never Date Your Friend’s Ex. Scroll Down and Find it out why it should always be a BIG NO.

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If you want to save yourself from feeling guilty, you should avoid dating your friend’s Ex. No matter how hard you find to take such a decision, it is always better to say no to it. Have you ever imagine how will your friend feel if she get to see Her friend and Her Ex together? Though she may not say to you what she may be going through but one eye contact with your friend can make you feel guilty.

Friendship gets Ruin:
Never date your Friend’s Ex, if you want to preserve your friendship with your friend. Often it seen that one YES in such decisions spoils Years of Friendship. Moreover it is not a wise decision to stake your Friendship for such a person. Never let anyone RUIN your Friendship because real friends are hard to find in this world.

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Mirror Your Image:
Have you ever thought what Image you will be having in others eyes, if you decide to date your friend’s ex? Such a decision will put your self worth and reputation in question. Moreover, How can you expect loyalty from your Friend’s Ex, when you have already seen him cheating on your Best Friend.

No Charm:
If in case you decide to date your Friend’s Ex. One thing that you need to know is that there will be no charm in your relationship. You will not be able to experience the excitement that one undergoes when they date someone. This is because your friend must have kept you well informed by talking about him day and night.

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Social Circle:
You really need to think twice before you decide to date your friend’s Ex. This is because such a decision not only puts you in difficulty. But your decision to date your Friend’s Ex makes it difficult for your common friends to decide whose  sides they should take.

More Rifts:
Dating your friend’s Ex is not a good idea. This is because it will be cause unnecessary rifts between you both. Comparison is the root cause of such rifts.

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Thus, Following are some of the absolute reasons that one should never date his/her friend’s Ex.