Meet the Love Quotes Core Team

The brains behind this portal are two friends Prakhar Sahay and Saurav K Bhardwaj, who also happen to be the founders of RMCS, an IT & Media Company based in New Delhi, India.

Prakhar Sahay

Prakhar SahayHe is a man with an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and an insatiable hunger for innovation and effectiveness. With his vast and in-depth experience of 14+ years in the mobile, telecom, media and online industry as a whole, Prakhar’s desire to do more and be more is a perfect recipe for success. Prakhar is someone who is full of innovative ideas, if he believe in something, he can cross mountains to achieve that. His “Positive” “Can do” attitude and “Strong process orientation” has always helped in ensuring smooth and error free launches of various telecom first initiatives in India and abroad.

Here’s what Prakhar has to say: “I Make Things EASY! I have a passion to keep innovating and think the unthinkable ideas. Hunger of doing something unique and new never stops within me!”

Saurav K Bhardwaj

Saurav-K-BhardwajSaurav is a man of discipline and believes in results. He is always making sure that the Fantoosy team is functioning in a proper manner and keeps up-to-date with the team regarding the latest news, stories, updates and the functioning of our online database.

An alumnus of Engineering College, Bikaner, Saurav says : “I am In fascination with open source web frameworks. Fond of network security, mobile technology and semantic web.”

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