A Sad Chat After An Breakup


A Sad Chat After An Breakup

Hey guys, it’s your favorite admin, what? I am not your favorite admin? Well that’s okay. Thought of writing something different today, so here’s a sad chat, read it down below.

A Sad Chat After An Breakup

He: Hey.

She: ?

He: How’ things going?

She: Fine.

He: Ok.

He: There?

She: Yes, what?

He: I miss you.

He: I love you.

He: There?

She: I don’t like you anymore.

He: You did once.

She: Yes, and I hate myself for that.

She: Can you not text me anymore? Please?

He: But I……

She: It’s done between us, so please stop.

He: Okay, but can I ask you one last thing?

She: Just make it quick, I don’t have much time.

He: You once had all the time in the world for me.

He: But that’s okay, I just want to ask you was it easy?

She: Was what easy?

He: Leaving me alone. Saying all that buttery stuff to flatter me and just walking away like it was nothing. Like we were nothing. Like I meant nothing. Breaking all the promises, breaking my heart in to a thousand pieces. Was it easy?

She: I’m just done with you, i’m done being your second choice, it sucks to being someone’s second choice.

He: Have I ever treated you as an option?

He: You know what sucks even more?

She: What?

He: Not even being someone’s choice. That’s the real pain.

She: Well it’s not my fault that you didn’t get over the pain, it’s been a month since we broke up.

He: Yes it’s been a month, but some days, the pain is worse than the day we broke-up.

He: I tried my best to forget you but it still hurts, it hurts each time I try to forget you, it hurts each time I wish you would be back.

She: That’s it? Then don’t wait for me, it will take of half of your pain away.

He: You don’t understand.

He: You never did.

She: Yeah, yeah it’s been always me, I am the once who doesn’t understand a thing.

He: You think I am in pain just because I am waiting for you. Do you know what’s really painful?

She: Why don’t you say that to, you are the one who knows everything.

He: What’s really painful is not being able to decide whether to wait nor forget.

She: I don’t want to know anymore, I quit. I lost all hope in you.

He: Okay, but I still have hope.

She: Hope in the relationship? Good luck.

He: No, the only thing I have hope in is one day you will miss me the way I miss you now, one day you will love me the way i love you.

She: I doubt that, now stop feeling and stop texting me.

He: I need to feel to heal.

She: ……

He: (blocks her)

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