A Letter from a Newly Married Daughter to Her Mother and Father

A Letter from a Newly Married Daughter to Her Mother and Father

Just like any other normal girl that I am, I was also super excited with the glimpse of marriage and with the word of it right from my childhood days. I would imagine the time I will spend with my Mr. Right who will be giving me ample amount of happiness and affection one could ask for. I used to think that he will never give me a reason to be unhappy and never in the life would we fight over silly issues. But, as everyone says that everything in the world comprises of positives and negatives. Marriage is not full of roses. Today, as I stood being married. I realize a few things that strike with the reality. I was immature to think that marriage is the most beautiful and happy time of your life. It’s not about always having a chilled out time with your loved one. There is so much more attached to it. It involves countless compromises, responsibilities, duties and sacrifices. [ Read: 10 Ways To Be Best Wife ]

A Letter from a Newly Married Daughter to Her Mother and Father

I am expected to wake up before everyone else in the family. I can’t sleep all day and laze around as i used to do. I can’t just roam around in my pyjamas without being taunted upon. I have to be presentable at every time of the day. This is what is expected out of every newly married wife whether a housewife or a working woman. I need to inform somebody before leaving the house. I can’t just go anywhere at any time of the day. There comes a patch of certain restriction when you are married, be it from your in laws or from your husband. If not restrictions, then you may think that if you went out too much, then maybe your in laws might get offended that you don’t spend much time with them. I am very much expected to fulfil some of the needs of the family. I know all of it comes internally from your soul for your new family but sometimes you feel like avoiding some of the things. But, you need to do it just because you are expected to do it. [ Read: 8 Tips to Help Restore Your Relationship With Your Child


It involves numerous set of responsibilities too. In every part of the world, two people don’t get married and get involved for the rest of their lives. There comes involvement from both the families too. The boy’s family needs to approve the girl’s family and vice verse.

Here, I just can’t hit the bed whenever I want to. I am expected to be active at all spheres of life. I can’t expect to be treated like a princess but rather I am supposed to take care of everyone in the family. Even sometimes when I don’t like them. And then a thought strikes to my head that ”why did I get married at all?”. I was much happier with you people, mom and dad. I miss how you used to pamper me all the time. How you both used to get me anything i wanted and cared about my comforts so much. I miss how i used to sleep on your lap and think that every worry has a solution to it. Life was just so easy before. There were not many responsibilities in life and life was so worry less for me. I miss your home cooked food and going out with my friends at late night parties. I was such a free bird then. It’s not that now I don’t party or something. But I have all the time dedicated to my husband, my new family and his friends. I sometimes want to leave all this and come back to home forever. [ Read: An Open Letter From a Single Mother to her Twins Children ]

But then I suddenly realize that if you would not have got married and made such sacrifices in life, I wouldn’t have so many luxuries of life to experience and so many good memories to hang on to. And, all of a sudden the purpose of life becomes crystal clear to me. The reason is to live for other and be happy the way it is. The purpose in life will be clear when you are there to return the same level of comfort, care and happiness to the new family that I’ve got.

And I am sure that as the time would pass, I will start loving this new environment and the people in it just as you did, mom. Thank you mom and dad for giving me everything that you could have afford. Thank you for putting my happiness in front and ignoring yours for mine. Thank you for respecting the way I am. Thank you for not asking me to change for anybody in life. I respect you that you gave me enough liberty to let me make my own decisions. This made me independent in every sort of way. This made me experience life in a better way and in a free way. Thank you mom for all the sacrifices you made in your time. They truly give me the strength to focus on my new life. I love you two way too much that these words can say. [ Read here: 6 Ways To Make Your Parents Proud Of You ]

I can actually repay my mother and father for what they have done for me when I’ll have a baby of my own. Marriage is a beautiful time of one’s life and the initial years may look disrupting to some, but once gone, they will never come back.

So, there is a key role what your mother and father played for you when you were young. Now, it’s your turn to live up to their expectation and be a better daughter by being the best wife one can have. It’s obvious that how much you will be appreciated by your in laws and husband will directly increase the happiness level of your parents.