A Heartfelt Message for the Best Wife from Her Husband

A Heartfelt Message for the Best Wife from Her Husband

A husband has a beautiful message for his wife that what if a couple don’t have any fights, no arguments, no misunderstandings and their relationship would be as perfect as ever. But if this would happen, then there will be no sorry hugs and kisses. There will not be saying of any sweet words to calm your partner down. The relationship will hold stagnant without fights and misunderstandings. If the relationship holds true, then the bond gets stronger day by day with ample amount of fights too.  [ Read: 10 Biggest Dating Turn Offs for Guys That Girls Don’t Know About! ]

A Heartfelt Message for the Best Wife from Her Husband

I still look at the pictures of the new brides in the newspaper and I still fail to find a more pretty face than yours. I know I will never be able to find a prettier face than yours. It is me being brutally honest and this is the divine truth that can never change. On our wedding day, you were the most beautiful thing one could ever see. You look still the same this very same day too.

I have a feeling that my lady love is the best thing what has happened to me so far in my life. She is the one who gives me hope to stand up again if I fall down because of a severe mistake. It’s not that I just complete her with my surname but there is a major part of hers which completes me. This compels me in a real term to call her my beautiful better half. You know who that lucky charm for me is? It’s you my sweetheart. [ Read:  The 7 Common Mistakes Women Make To Push Men Away ]

I know you don’t cook the best food in the world, but even if you just give a try on some of the recipe, that would tend to make my day. It’s because you try for me, just for me. I love this act of yours, when you spend the entire day of yours just to see that smile on my face. I love it when you show me that killer smile when I appreciate your work.

It compels me to respect you from whole of my heart when you do what you think is right. I love the fact that you are independent enough to get hold of yourself but slides down to depend just when I want you to.

You are one woman who in the true sense made a man out of a boy. That man is now me. You made me grow in the right sense and served me the right path to walk on. You helped me succeed in every phase of life, be in my family or career. Maybe you weren’t aware much about what I exactly do in my work, but your advice worked just right for me to turn a small venture into a big one. I wholeheartedly give whole of my credit to you. [ Read: Learning Lessons And Applying Them To Your Relationships ]

I still can’t believe my life when everyday you wake up next to me. I still remember the day when I was a young boy who found his princess in you and proposed to you the same very instant. I could not believe my ears when you said the word “yes”. I still thank the lord that he gave me such a beautiful package for a lifetime.

I am the most proud father as my baby boy inherits all of the qualities of yours and looks of mine. It is one of the best things one could ever imagine. He is the best symbol of our love.

Your birthdays are the perfect ones as it’s been five years we are celebrating your thirtieth birthday. You know what the best part about this is? You don’t look a day older than twenty. You tend to look young as every year passes. This is also because a good husband remembers wife’s birthday, not the age.

You have so many roles to play in one lifetime. It varies from daughter, wife, mother, caretaker, cook, driver…  to name a few. This has a long list to follow. The beauty of it is that you play each role so efficiently and with your full heart. I respect you for each and every role you play. [ Read: I Wasn’t Treating My #Husband Fairly, It Wasn’t Fair ]

I don’t know if ever I will be able to compensate for the love, for the passion, for the care you have given to me. You are one understanding and caring woman I know who gives all of it selflessly.

When I look to our baby boy being loved by you, it reminds me of the time I have spent with my mother. He is the perfect example of the “momma’s boy” title that I once was. I see another replica of my mother in you, how she used to care for me, you do just the same. She was the greatest woman of her times and now you have gained that part.

It’s not just like you should make your partner happy on only certain days of the year. Valentine’s Day should be celebrated on every day of the year to make your love never fade away.

Lastly, I want to thank you for being with me always and never let the bond go. Your husband loves you a lot, my beautiful lady. And, I will always continue to do it at every hour of the day. — Your Loving Husband.