A Guy with a Girlfriend Likes You… Now What?!

A Guy with a Girlfriend Likes You… Now What?!
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A Guy with a Girlfriend Likes You… Now What?!

It’s flattering to know that a guy who already has a girlfriend has started liking you.

You know that he is in a relationship with someone yet he is getting attracted towards you and wants to flirt with you. He is getting attracted towards you despite having a girlfriend shows that you are better than his girlfriend and you are really good too. It is definitely a good feeling and even complementing to know that this guy who has a girlfriend is falling for you. [ Read: 10 Unmistakable Signs Your Friend is Crushing on You ]

He may be serious is his relationship with his girlfriend but sometimes for a change guys want to get in touch with a better, more attractive girl. Or, he is bored with his relationship totally and wants to get into a new relationship. Wanting to know his mind makes this this entire situation more addictive and intense; and you wish to talk back to him and flirt with his as well.

May be soon you realize that even you have started falling for him and start craving more and more for his attention, don’t feel bad about it or hate yourself for it because it is the naturally tendency of humans that we always wish to have what we can’t. [ Read: 10 Tips On How To Keep Your CRUSH Interested ]

There are a few things that a guy who already has a girlfriend tries to do in order to gain your attention. Initially, he may start by staring at you and then do everything he can to get your affection. So here is a list of things a guy who already has a girlfriend would do to win you over –

  1. He tries to flirt with you

When you are in a gathering, he will act very normally. But when no one is around, he will start to flirt with you. [ Read: 13 Obvious Signs of Flirting ]

  1. He stares at you all the time

He tries to garb your attention by constantly staring at you when he is not with his girlfriend. Or may be unconsciously he still stares at you even when he is with his girlfriend.

  1. You sense something

You can feel a connection, a bonding or say chemistry between you two when you both start a conversation. There comes a situation when he keeps staring at you continuously while you both are talking to each other. [ Read: 10 Subtle Cues a Girl Gives If She Wants You to Make the First Move ]

  1. He says he likes you

He may clearly tell you that he likes you and he has a girlfriend too. Guys are straightforward many a times. They don’t believe in hiding things and keeping secrets that seem to be obvious. He may talk to you about his relationship not going well. How difficult it is for him to fall for you despite having a girlfriend. This would get him some sympathy and may be your love too.

  1. He texts you all the time

The new flick of getting attracted towards a new girl may lead him to try and talk to you all the time. Initially talking directly over the phone may seem uncomfortable for the both of you. He cannot talk to you or stare at you in front of his girlfriend, therefore texting seems easier. This way he can flirt with you easily without letting his girlfriend come to know. [ Read: 7 Ideas for Romantic Love Texts Words for Your LOVE ]

  1. He asks you for a secret date

He may tell you that he feels wonderful when he spends time with you and forgets about all his worries and tensions when you are with him. He may say that he really loves to meet you and would want to go out on a secret date with you sometime. And if you also seem to be falling for him, you would agree on meeting him, knowing about him having a girlfriend.

  1. He would hide things from you

You know that he has a girlfriend and he also knows that you know about his girlfriend, yet he would avoid talking to his girlfriend, texting her back and answering her calls in front of you so that it doesn’t bother either of you. For you he will want to avoid his girlfriend and show that he is not interested in talking to her anymore. [ Read: 11 Clear Giveaways of an Emotionally Unavailable Man ]

  1. He finally says that he loves you

He officially announces it to you that he is in love with you. He clearly says that he loves you and wants to be in a relationship with you. But he also says that he needs time to breakup with his present girlfriend so that he does not need to hide about his relationship with you anymore from anyone.

  1. He tells you that he is soon going to breakup with his girlfriend

He may tell you that he is so much in love with you that he does not want to be in a relationship with his girlfriend anymore and he wants to break up with her. On the other hand he tells his girlfriend that he just needs a break in the relationship. He may not clearly ask her for a breakup with his girlfriend. [ Read: 11 Facts about Guys that can Help You Read his Mind ]

All these are signs and warning to tell you how a boy will act towards you when he is attracted towards you despite having a girlfriend. It is ok if you like him too but morally if you get into the shoes of his girlfriend, you will realize how it feels to be cheated. Had he not been in a relationship, you could have easily been in a relationship with him. But in this situation, it is not the right thing to you. Infact, you should explain the guy and make him understand what is right and wrong for both of them. Making him go back to his girlfriend would be the best thing you can do and it will be really appreciable by all.