A Cute Short-Story : Blind Love

A Cute Short-Story : Blind Love

Dancing can be an expression of emotions and love to some people. Kathy was one of them. She loved dancing and had learnt various forms of dance throughout her childhood. She was a young lady who worked as a primary section teacher in a school. She taught English to the kids there. On weekends, she pursued her passion for dance as she held dance classes for a different batch of kids in an art school. It had only been a week since she started teaching there. [ Read: There Is A Story Behind Every Little Emotion ]

A cute short-story : Blind Love

On one Saturday she decided to take a look around the art school after conducting her dance class. She went to the top floor of the building and happened to hear a group of students singing. There was a young man sitting on the chair teaching them. She had a look into the room and walked further. After she had a tour of the art school, she left for home in a cab. [ Read: Cute Short Romantic Love Story Every Couple Must Read


The next day as she finished with her dance class, she headed out of the school and looked for a cab. As Kathy looked around for a cab she spotted a man staring at her. When she looked again at him, she realized it was the singing teacher she saw the other day. She found that the man was weirdly staring at her. She finally found a cab and left for home.

The next weekend, Kathy had forgotten all about the man and as usual was waiting for a cab after her dance class. Again, she saw the man standing at a distance weirdly staring at her. She ignored him and walked off. The next day, as she took the elevator to the ground floor after her dance class, she bumped into the guy. She didn’t look at him once while he was again staring at her, and introduced himself as ‘George’. He said that she smelled like peaches. Kathy got annoyed and mumbled ‘creep’.

Every weekend she would spot George either in the elevator or while she was catching a cab. She didn’t really talk to him, but thought that he was into her and liked her a lot. She started liking him secretly and made sure to look and smell her best every weekend while going to teach dance. [ Read: Distance Can’t Keep Us Apart – True Story ]

One day while as she got into the cab to get home, George leaned over her cab window and told her that his students have a singing function at the auditorium nearby the next day and it would mean a lot to him if she could make it there. She said she would try and attend it.

The next day she got very late and somehow reached the auditorium about 2 hours later than she was supposed to. The auditorium was nearly empty except for a few families who were discussing something. The stage was closed. She went and inquired to the parents about the function and George when they told her that George had a terrible accident while he was waiting for someone outside. He was rushed to the nearby hospital in an ambulance. Kathy couldn’t believe what she heard and was trembling. She rushed to the hospital and somehow managed to get permission see George. [ Read: Difference Between Love and Marriage Explained [ In A Short Story ]

She saw him from the door. He had lost his left leg. She walked close to him and sat beside him, sobbing. George told her, it is okay.  He said he had been waiting for her. Kathy said she was extremely sorry. Kathy couldn’t see him like this; she wanted to take care of him. She said that she likes him a lot and asked if he would want to be with her and allow her to take care of him.

George said that he would love to, except that she should know something about him. He told her that he didn’t have a perfect vision; he had partial vision because he had injured his eyes while he was serving in the army 5 years ago.  He was forced to quit the army due to the defect in his vision and since then he had been teaching singing to the children. Kathy couldn’t hold back her tears and she realized that George was never staring at her; it only appeared so because of the disability of his eyes. Kathy told George that it is too late now; that she has fallen deeply in love with him and nothing can change that. George smiled and said that today she smelled like roses. [ Read: Timeless #Love – Story

Moral: Don’t be presumptuous about people. Each one is fighting their own battle and has their own story. Love as they say, is blind and can happen with anyone, even with differently able people.

Did you ever fall for someone who was differently able? Did you act presumptuous about somebody and it turned out to be something completely different? Please share your experiences with us.