9 Wonderful and Strange Valentine’s Day Traditions from Around the World

9 Wonderful and Strange Valentine’s Day Traditions from Around the World

Do you know about the Valentine’s Day traditions from around the world. Valentine Day has gained importance universally. More and more couples are celebrating this day of love. The emotion, the love, the care and concern is the same everywhere between couples, but the way it is celebrated might differ from one place to another. There are some interesting, some funny and some really weird Valentine’s Day traditions followed around the world.

9 Wonderful and Strange Valentine’s Day Traditions from Around the World, Valentine’s Day Traditions
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Let’s take a tour of how Valentine Day is celebrated in different parts of the world and know about Valentine’s Day Traditions:

  1. Finland

The day is known as “Ystavan Paiva” in Finland. People from Finland celebrate this day of love as Friendship day. They celebrate the relation of friendship instead of celebrating love. They gift presents, greeting cards and chocolates to their friends. They seem to truly believe that “Friendship is the only ship that never sinks”:-P [ Read: Check out: This Valentine Day, EXPRESS to IMPRESS {Your Crush} ]

  1. Norfolk, England

Don’t be surprised to read that the people from Norfolk, England have an equivalent of Santa Claus, on this day of love. They have a “Jack Valentine”, who is known to present gifts and sweets to children on this day. This tradition was started by some people to show love to their children and it was carried henceforth.  This Jack Valentine is also known as “Old Father Valentine” or “Old mother Valentine”.

  1. South Korea

South Korea has women giving men chocolates on the February 14th. Men give non-chocolate candy to women on March 14th. On the day of April 14th, people who did not receive anything on the earlier two days go to a Chinese restaurant to eat “black noodles” in order to mourn their single life. [ Read: Also read: Ways to get through Valentine Day after a break up ]

  1. Slovenia

People in Slovenia believe that February the 14th is an auspicious day to start work in their fields. St. Valentine is known to come to the fields on this day to bring life to all the roots of plants. Also, it is believed that the birds of the fields propose to one another on this day and get married whereas, the day of love is celebrated in Slovenia on the 12th of March instead.

  1. China

In China, roses are to be sent to your loved ones on the Valentine Day. Instead of the color of the rose, the number of roses holds a great importance in China. One rose refers to confessing that the person is their one and only love. Sending 11 roses means that they are the person’s favorite. 99 roses promises everlasting love to the persona and 108 roses is a proposal for marriage to the women. [ Read: 6 Simple New Year Resolutions You Can Actually Keep ]

  1. Brazil

The Brazilians celebrate their Valentine Day on the 12th June. The women are known to write the name of all their crushes on pieces of paper and hide them in some container or hat. On the 12th June, they pick any paper in random from one of the containers, and whichever name comes up, determines the man they should marry and spend their life with.

  1. Denmark

The youth in Denmark are known to play the secret admirer game among their group of friends or mates.  They write love quotes, rhymes and funny lines for the one they love. But they don’t disclose their name in the note. Instead they sign it with dots. If the recipient guesses who wrote the love note for them, he or she gets a prize and also gets to be with the person! [ Read: 9 New Year’s Resolution Tips You Won’t Read Anywhere Else ]

  1. Gales

They celebrate the love day on the 25th of January, before the normal valentine day. Lovers gift each other flowers, chocolates and presents. But the most popular gifts are “love spoons” gifted by the men there to the women, in order to express their love.

  1. France

They have a weird tradition of assembling all singles in houses facing opposite each other. They are made to call out the name of their hopeful partner through the windows. Women, who were hurt by their lovers, would often gather around a bonfire to burn the pictures of their unfaithful lovers. This practice caused much pain and agony and hence was later on, banned by the government over there. [ Read here: Valentine Week – What does each day mean? ]

Now that you know about the Valentine’s Day Traditions around the world, which country’s valentine day celebration amused you the most? How do you plan to make your Valentine day special? Share your ideas and plans with us in the comments section.