9 Ways to Handle a Crush While You are in a Relationship

9 Ways to Handle a Crush While You are in a Relationship

9 Ways to Handle a Crush While You are in a Relationship

Even when we are in a love with someone and are totally committed to them, our heart can veer in a different direction and can lead us towards so someone else. No, a crush is not as serious as being in love with someone. But, when you are in a relationship you should not think about anybody else apart from your partner but sometimes, your heart charts its own path. Now that you know you have a crush on someone you must find out ways to handle it. [ Read: How to Get Your Crush to Notice You and Like You Back


Here are 9 ways to handle a crush while you are in a relationship:

  1. Avoid them

If your crush works at the same office you work in or are a part of your social clique, it would be difficult to steer clear of them. However, what you can try doing is seeing them as infrequently as possible. When you see them, do not go near them or try to initiate a conversation. Even though you cannot ignore them completely you must make an effort to avoid them as much as possible.  [ Read: Things Happen with Your Body Parts when Your Crush Walks IN ]

  1. Let them know you are taken

You might find it difficult to control your feelings but you can block any kind of initiate from their side by letting them that you are already in a relationship. Once you do that, they will not show any interest in you. Even if you try to get close to them, they will waive you off as they know that you are already taken. They will not let you cross any line even if you want to.

  1. Help them find someone

If you have a crush on someone who is not in a relationship, then getting them out of your thoughts would not be that difficult a task. You could help them find a partner who they can date. Once you fix them up, you will automatically forget about them as you know that you cannot have them in your life. Seeing them with your partner will keep you away from them.  [ Read: How to Get Over a Crush and Have Fun Doing it ]

  1. Not worth it

You are in a very healthy relationship with a wonderful person who loves and trust you unconditionally. Why would you want to risk your blooming relationship for a crush that might not even last for a few weeks? A relationship takes a long time to be built but it only takes one mistake to break everything apart. Do not let a moment of weakness spoil your relationship.

  1. Do not get too close

You are attracted by the person you have a crush on and you would, naturally, want to get close to you. Now here is where self-control comes into the picture. You have to exercise restraint on yourself and stop yourself from getting too close to them. If you get closer to them, your feelings would intensify and it will take you farther away from your partner.  [ Read: 15 Crush Quotes and Sayings ]

  1. Avoid eye contact

Do not make direct eye contact with your crush. Do not stare at them when they walk beside you. Apart from helping you to divert your attention from them, it will also give them an impression that you are not interested in them. They will get the impression that you are avoiding them and they would not talk to you themselves.

  1. It is a phase

A lot of people, upon realizing that they have a crush on someone while being in a relationship, panic and do things that lead them towards trouble. You must understand it is just a phase and it will pass and avoid doing things that could make things tough for you. Attractions are pretty normal. The only thing you should be careful about is that you do not cross the line. You must not get overly worried about it and just try to curb your feelings for your crush.  [ Read: 10 Tips On How To Keep Your CRUSH Interested ]

  1. You love your partner

Even though you have a crush on someone and are attracted to them, you must keep reminding yourself that you are in a relationship with someone you love. If you keep this fact in your mind, you would not do anything that would spell doom for your relationship. It will not let you do anything that will make you question your conscience.

  1. Do not think about them

Whenever their image pops up in you remind, engage yourself with some work or do something that would help you stop thinking about them. Do whatever it takes to keep their thoughts at bay. Think about your partner and value their importance in your life. Whenever your crush’s thoughts come into your mind, try to think about your partner.  [ Read: And That One Person You Want To Pour Your Heart ]

  1. Tell your partner

This is something that would take a lot of guts to do. But, if you manage to accomplish this, you might be able to get rid of it for once and for all. If your partner is an understanding person, you could think about sharing this with them. They could help you out in coming out of this situation. Of course, before you do this you must think carefully as to how your partner will perceive this piece of information.

The realization that you have a crush on someone when you are already in a relationship takes time to sink in. You do feel a little jittery at first but you must not get worried about it and deal with it.