9 Rules of Dating Etiquette For the Modern Woman

9 Rules of Dating Etiquette For the Modern Woman
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9 Rules of Dating Etiquette For the Modern Woman

Time has changed a lot. If we talk about dating, earlier people used to go out for lunches and have shakes and mocktails, and finally going for a drive in the evening. These days, going out on a date means gifting women with flowers, treating them with wine, or campaign and then probably a candle light dinner.

There used to be some basic etiquette than a man has to follow while on a date. But these days even women need to show certain etiquette while going on a date. [ Read: 13 Best Ideas For A Dinner Date! ]

In order to keep these etiquette in mind, there are certain rules that have been made for the modern women to show. If you are about to go on a date with a guy, go through the following list of rules so you know exactly what you are expected to do –

  1. Dress up properly

The most important factor that you date will look at is how you dress yourself. Even if you are going out with someone you already know, say your friend or your boss, it does not mean that you can dress casually while being on a date with them. You need to wear a proper formal dress that is well ironed, have a perfect hair-do, wear the right footwear, put on some good makeup, a pleasing fragrance etc. Also make sure that you dress yourself according to the place when you are going for your date. [ Read: Find Out are You Dating the Wrong Guy? ]

  1. Reach on time

Men like women who are punctual. So do not have the wrong conception in your mind that making him wait for you will excite him more to be with you. No. Being punctual on a date is a must. Nobody likes to wait.

  1. Don’t be touchy

You make think that men like it when you touch them. In fact, it gives them a wrong impression about your intentions. Keep the touching part of the date as minimal as you can. Even if he tries, have him feel that you are not easy on that. [ Read: Find out are you Dating a Married Man? ]

  1. Be reasonable while placing order

You need to understand that placing order for the most expensive dishes is not a good and right thing to do. He may be rich but that does not mean that you can order for expensive things according to his standards. Don’t go for an expensive menu and ask him what he would like to have before you order your favorite dish.

  1. Listen to the other person

While you are on a date, don’t just go on talking and talking. Give the other persona also a chance to speak. By this you will know whether he is sensible or no and moreover, you both will get to know each other. And also it is important to keep in mind, that even if he is boring, listen to him carefully, or he may feel insulted. Rather, try to make the conversation interesting. [ Read: 10 Signs to Know if You’re Dating a Girl Worth Keeping ]

  1. Never talk about your past

You may somewhere in your mind start comparing your date with your ex, but keep in mind that never ever talk about your ex boyfriends while you are on a date. Your date might feel offended or it may scare them. It can turn of the mood of your date completely to the extent that he might just want to leave the date in between and go away. There are thousands of other topics in the world that can be talked at. Even if you don’t have anything interesting to share, talk about the wine or the ambiance of the place.

  1. Don’t consume much alcohol

You may feel shy in the beginning of the date and you know it well that alcohol will make you come to ease. But it does not mean that you can have end number of drinks. Men like women who drink but only till a very limited quantity. And if they lose control even a bit, men get annoyed. Don’t consume so much that later you are not able to even recall what happened with you on a date. And it is quiet possible that you say certain things that shows the bad side of you to your date. [ Read: 15 Biggest Dating Deal Breakers for Women! ]

  1. Be ready to divide the bill

Every person is different. The man you are with on a date might not be willing to pay the entire bill, or what if he forgot to carry his wallet. It is not compulsory than only the man has to pay for the bill. Even you can do that. And in fact, if you insist on paying the bill, he will surely feel about it, even though he may not let you pay for him. It completely depends.

  1. Be honest

Another important thing to remember while you are on a date is that you shouldn’t lie to your date about anything. It is their wish whether they want to meet you again or no after knowing the truth about anything. [ Read: Simple Dating Tips That Will Actually Work For You ]

Like we expect men to show some etiquette while we go on a date, it is our responsibility that we also make them happy and feel good about being on a date with us. They always please us with something or the other, even we girls can reciprocate that and trust me, if you follow these rules, they will surely want to meet you again and call this date a special one.