9 Qualities One Should Look Before Trusting Anyone

9 Qualities One Should Look Before Trusting Anyone

There goes a very well saying on trust that put not your trust on money but put your money on trust. Trust is the most basic thing of every relationship existing on earth. But not all are trustworthy even though all claim to be so. Everyone faces such situations in life, when things don’t go the way it is desired. During those low moments what one needs the most is the support of a person whom he or she can trust the most. So it is very necessary to know the qualities of a person before trusting.

9 Qualities One Should Look Before Trusting Anyone

The following nine qualities would help you determine the right person to trust upon.

  1. How happy you are:

Just ask yourself that the person with whom you are with is able to make you happy or not, for that is very crucial to know. You will simply forget about all your worries when you are with that person. A strange type of soothing aura can be felt in his person. A smile would initiate automatically in your face each time you meet. That is the right person to trust upon. [ Check out: Happiness – Five Steps Away – Read How


  1. Communication:

If most of the time you both spend in silence or find it difficult to open your heart up, then the person  is not worthy to be trust upon. Silence could mean ignorance which eats up the relationship bit by bit. There should always be a good communication between you both. Nothing spoken by the either of the person is often misinterpreted. Do watch whether he gives to the relationship and avoids calling himself busy each time you try to communicate. For no one is actually busy it is all about priorities.

  1. How frank you feel:

Do you always find it difficult to speak up something to him? Do you require manipulating the actual story and make it short in fear that he would not give time to know the real one? Then you are not with the person to trust upon. You can trust upon only that person in front of whom you are the original you and can speak up everything very frankly without caring about the words that you are using for he has the capability to understand what you actually mean.

  1. Respect:

You can always trust someone who always respects you the way you are. He would never behave rudely in any situation and always keep in mind that you are really very important to him.

  1. Realistic:

If a person shows up a lot and you can very confidently claim that he has two faces. If a person always behaves in a different way when he is surrounded by different types of people, then he is definitely not the right person on whom you can trust. If you trust them and speak up all your real thoughts then there is a lot of chance that he will reveal those in wrong places and make fun about you. Do try to avoid them. [ Also read: 5 Tips To Build Your Self Esteem ]

  1. Honesty:

A trustworthy person always believes in being honest. He would keep even small secrets with himself with lot of care and emotions and never ever spill the beans. As we know that honesty is the best policy, so if someone is honest to you, then you can trust him without any fear.

  1. Patience:

A person who can be trusted upon always has the quality of showing a patient ear to whatever things you share. He never asks to hasten up things or complains that he don’t have time to listen to such useless issues. A trustworthy person always helps you in unloading all the stored up frustrations or grief that have accumulated within you.

  1. Sense of humor:

Well, a very good quality about a person whom you can trust about is the way he minds a reason to make you laugh even when you are not willing to smile. He has got a great sense of humor and you always desire to spend as much time as possible with him.

  1. Trustworthiness:

Not all are capable of being trustworthy. A person’s deeds always reveals up the reality of him. Most of the time if he does a lot of back biting then he don’t deserves to be called a trustworthy one. A person worth trusting never speaks ill of others in fact he would always try to bring out the best in an opponent too. Because a trustworthy person always trusts upon being a human being first.

So if you find someone with such qualities around you, someone who would make you realize that he would never change with time, someone who can promise to be at your side, then do trust that person. For it is very hard to find someone you can trust upon in this world. [ Read here: 5 Reasons Why Promises Are Not Meant To Be Broken ]

Do you look for these qualities before trusting anyone? Do leave your comment below.