9 New Year’s Resolution Tips You Won’t Read Anywhere Else

9 New Year’s Resolution Tips You Won’t Read Anywhere Else

With the advent of New Year, the advent of New Year resolutions are also on the rise. More and more people are preparing their lists of resolutions and trying to get in better shape, better condition, and better position financially, finding love and becoming parents. But are New Year resolutions that simple really? Here we bring new year resolution tips for you.

9 New Year’s Resolution Tips You Won’t Read Anywhere Else

They require a careful thought and not just fleeting emotions. Also, they require serious dedication and total commitment to carry out throughout the year!

  1. Be honest with yourself

Don’t set unrealistic goals which you are laughing at, at the back of your mind. Weight loss of up to 100 pounds or becoming a celebrity look alike is off -limits. Earning a million dollars or becoming a billionaire is also something which cannot be mapped and are unrealistic goals. [ Read: 10 Professional Resolutions for the New Year


  1. Don’t compare resolutions

Don’t compare your resolutions to your friend’s resolutions. They might plan to have a trip around the world, because they might be high flyers. That doesn’t mean you try to do the same, if you are not a traveller. Don’t compare or set resolutions according to other peoples resolutions. Do what you think is best for YOU.

  1. Make just one resolution but a firm one

Don’t make a list of 20 resolutions and stick to none by the second day of the New Year. Make only one or two resolutions and stick by them. Be it taking better care of your finances, finding love, hitting the gym 4 times a week and so on. [ Read: 100 Best and Unique Happy New Year WhatsApp Messages and Quotes { 2016 } ]

  1. Don’t try changing too many things

If you have a resolution list which is bigger than 1 page or 2 page, it just means that you are not happy with yourself. You are trying to change everything about yourself. Just calm down and think this through. Start loving yourself should be the only resolution for you this year!

  1. Take your resolutions personally

Take it on yourself, that fulfilling your resolution is your self-respect at stake. Take them personally. Make it a point to get them working and work hard to stick to them. If you stick to it for a year, next year you will automatically take it seriously. [ Read: 10 Real-Parent New Year’s Resolutions ]

  1. Keep your resolution in front of your eyes

Make your goal your visualization. Keep it in front of your eyes always. It could be your laptop’s wallpaper, a post-it note, a diary write up, a blog story or anything that would continuously inspire you time and again. The more you see it, the more you would want to be it!

  1. Don’t give in for small faults

It is human to falter or deviate from your goal once a while. But giving up your entire resolution for tiny mistakes is like cutting your finger for a scratch on your nail. Remember that going off path can be corrected, going off mind cannot be! [ Read: 10 New Year’s Resolutions that Will Make You Happier ]

  1. Make a yearly plan for your resolution

Make a yearly plan that schedules your entire resolution. For example, if you are trying to lose weight and rebuild your health, you can plan your entire year in such a manner. You can decide that during the months of January to March you will consult the best dietitian and hire a physiotherapist or a trainer who would come to home for your training sessions. April to July, you can go a notch ahead and join a gym, since you would be more committed now. From Aug to December, you can go all out and do things on your own like walk, jog or join a fitness program that would help you maintain your weight loss.

  1. Be very specific with your resolution

Don’t aim to become next model this year, or earn a billion dollars. Be specific with your resolution. Resolve to lose at least 30 pounds this year, or get a new job, or travel to a certain country, or make at least 4 new friends and so on! [ Read: 5 New Year’s Resolutions That Aren’t on Your List but Should Be ]

How do you plan to stick to your resolutions this year? Share your tips and ideas with us in the comments section.