9 Firm Steps to Get Over an Ex Girlfriend in No Time!

9 Firm Steps to Get Over an Ex Girlfriend in No Time!
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9 Firm Steps to Get Over an Ex Girlfriend in No Time!

Breaking up with your girlfriend, no matter how ugly things were getting between the two of you, is always a bitter experience. It takes a toll on you emotionally and mentally. You think of ways in which you could have evaded it from happening and feel like blaming yourself. You act miserable and feel like there is nothing in the world worth looking forward to. As difficult as it may be, it is important to get over your ex-girlfriend. It will take some time but you have to get over your past to concentrate on your future and move ahead in the future. [ Read: 10 Ways To Get Over A Girl You Love ]

Here are 9 firm steps to get over an ex-girlfriend in no time:

  1. Stay away

Even after breaking up with her, you still have that little hope of reconciling with her. You wonder whether you should give it one more try and meet her to discuss things. The fact is that once a relationship gets over, or is almost impossible to get back at it again. If you try to meet her again, you will end up hurting yourself all over again. Try your best not to cross her path again. [ Read: 14 Subtle Signs Your Girlfriend’s Not Over Her Ex ]

  1. Throw away pictures

Pictures remind take us back in the past as they hold the key to several beautiful memories. But, sometimes pictures can cause a lot of grief too. Earlier, when you used to see the pictures they reminded you of the wonderful time you spent with your girlfriend but now they inflict pain upon you by reminding of a past that hold no relevance now. Throw away the photographs and delete all the pictures that you have of her. If you don’t, they will cropping up every now and then and make you feel sad.

  1. Mutual friends

If you have dated her for some time, then you must have surely become friends with some of her friends. Breaking up with her does not mean that you will sever ties with all your mutual friends. However, if these friends act as a link between the two of you and force you to come in to each other’s way, then, as hard as it may seem, you must let go of these friends. [ Read: Heartwarming Message from a One Sided Lover ]

  1. Start meeting people

Get over the break-up as soon as possible, go out and start meeting people. If your friends try to fix you up with someone on a date, do not hesitate and go for it.  The quickly you resume following the normal course of your life, the sooner you will get out of your depressed state. It may seem difficult to meet new people when you have just broken up but you should try doing it as it help you get over the break-up faster.

  1. Pursue your hobby

Everybody has a hobby; something they love doing in their spare time. The relationship might have kept you busy all this while preventing you from making time for your hobby. Now that you have time you must get back to it and start pursuing it again. Indulging in an activity that you are fond of will make you happy. [ Read: 16 Signs Saying Your Relationship is Over ]

  1. Spend time with your friends

Your friends are the people who will not just console you but do everything to bring you out of this mess. Start hanging out with your friends again and give them the opportunity to make you happy. Even if you just spend some quality time with your close friends, you will feel peaceful and your mind will stay away from negative thoughts.

  1. Look for love

Do not wait for a long time to find love again. You are out of a relationship that has left you with a lot of pain. So, what are you waiting for? Start looking for love again. The world is full of numerous girls who would be interested in you. You just need to keep your eyes open and start looking for them. There must be some girls around whom you have felt some sort of attraction at a point. You could think about approaching them now. [ Read: 10 Signs That You Are Lovesick And Ways To Get Out Of It ]

  1. Skeptical about relationships

Just because you have gone through a relationship that did not end up well, you do not have to get skeptical about them. Look around you, there are so many people who are in happy relationships. You could have one too. Maybe, you were with a person who did not value it as much as you did. Do not let that make you skeptical about relationships.

  1. Watch television

Even though you feel like locking yourself in a room and cut yourself off the world, try to make some good use of the things you have in your room. Switch on the television and tune in to your favourite show. It could help you distract yourself from your current state of mind and make you feel relaxed. [ Read: 13 Secret Signs Which Will Tell You That Your Boyfriend Is Still Not Over His EX! ]

  1. Do not be alone

In the times in which we are depressed or unhappy, we can take some dangerous decisions because of a momentary lapse in judgment. It is important that you never stay alone in this stage. Sometimes, your mind can torture you so much that you could end up hurting yourself physically. Always be around someone who cares for you.

Getting over a relationship and forcing away the memories of a person whom you had loved so much at one point of time Is very difficult. You must let time heal your wounds and wait for the pain to wither away. Most importantly, you have to let go of the past and prepare yourself for the life ahead. Your loved ones will want to help you but you have to let them do that.