9 Dramatic and Weird Things We do Post Break-Up

9 Dramatic and Weird  Things We do Post Break-Up

A break-up is painful. Period. It is difficult to get used to the fact that the relationship you invested yourself in, that gave you some of the most beautiful moments of your life is now over. People, often, find it hard to cope up with a break up and end up wasting their time and money in some unproductive activities.

9 Dramatic and Weird  Things We do Post Break-Up

Let us see what those 9 dramatic and wired things actually are:

1. Burn our ex’s pictures and other collectibles
In a fit of rage, we burn our ex’s pictures and all the other stuff that reminds us of our ex. We don’t want to hold on to anything that could remind us of the person who broke our heart. The pictures that we clicked together, the gifts that we bought each other, the DVDs that we watched together and even the John Mayer playlist we made together are now reminiscent of broken promises and a failed relationship. [ Check out: Most Essential Qualities of a Real Man Worth Dating


2. Proclaim that we have lost faith in love
We proclaim, in a very dramatic manner, that we have lost faith in love. We tell our friends that falling in love was a stupid idea and true love doesn’t exist. We speak ill of the emotion that love is and warn our friends about getting in a relationship. Worse, we ask people to break up with their partner as sooner or later it is going to happen anyway. We swear to remain single all our life….until, of course, we find another person whom we lose our heart to.

3. Sleep for long hours
We feel like cutting ourselves off from the rest of the world. The best way to do it? You guessed it! Sleeping for long hours, sometimes the entire day. We throw away the alarm clock, close the door and put cotton swabs in our ears. Our parents get worried thinking that we are suffering from the highest degree of depression and suggest paying a visit to a psychiatrist. We try to assure them by saying that it’s just a phase and it will pass. Nothing seems more comforting than cuddling in bed, wrapped in a blanket for hours at a stretch.

4. Binge eating
We eat enormous amount of food, thinking that it would help us feel better. The only thing that we gain by this act is weight. Chocolates are a must and burgers seem healthy. For a lot of people a break-up serves as a good excuse to cheat on their diet and eat away the unhealthiest things in the world. And then, we blame our ex when we look at our bloated self in the mirror.

5. Spend more time on social networking websites
We spend hours on Facebook reading our friends’ posts. We get depressed when a lovey dovey couple posts a selfie. We get annoyed at receiving numerous messages from friends consoling us. We check the profiles of random people hoping to find love again. We post poems that convey our pensive mood and share pictures with deep, philosophical quotes written on them. [ Also read: 10 tips on How to keep your CRUSH interested ]

6. Bad-mouthing the ex
The person, whom we were so much in love with a while ago, is now, somebody whom we hate with all our heart. We spare no opportunity to badmouth them and speak ill of them in front of our friends. We say how bad that person was how he/she ruined our lives. Of course, we expect our mutual friends to believe our side of the story and support us.

7. Our playlist consists of sad, depressing songs
We make a playlist of carefully chosen sad songs. We feel that music filled with melancholy would complement our mood. What it does is makes us feel even more awful. We try to find ourselves in the ruminative poetry and immerse ourselves in the songs. We feel that the songs are conveying stories of our heartbreak.

8. Sadistic pleasure
We derive pleasure out of other people’s tragedy. Nothing makes us happier than the news of a friend being dumped by t. We console them but in heart of hearts, we feel joyous about the fact that somebody is going through a bad phase in life, similar to us.

9. Go on a shopping spree
Spending money on buying expensive but unimportant things is what, we feel, will make us feel good. Much later, we realize that it has burnt a big hole in our pocket. We seek comfort in materialistic pleasures and buy all that we can, till our bank account shows a big zero! The joy of shopping is overshadowed when we realize that we have exhausted all our savings and there is a week to go before the salary arrives.

It is very important to get over break-ups as the more we indulge ourselves in post-break up exercises, the more we end up hurting ourselves. Talk to your friends, engage yourself in some work or activity and try to live your life as normally as you should. [ Read here: 10 ways to get a guy to ask you out ]

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