8 Ways to Stop an Argument with Your Partner

8 Ways to Stop an Argument with Your Partner

Every relationship has several ups and downs. It is a given fact that when two people are together, they are bound to have fights, arguments, banters and disagreements. The whole point is how does one get through that? The entire disagreement and quarrel makes your life terrible and lessens your productivity. It makes you want to just lie idly and not do anything. We can reduce this sort of behavior by stopping arguments or restricting their impact on our lives. Argument often kills relationships.

8 Ways to Stop an Argument with Your Partner

Here are some ways to stop an argument when you have a fight with your partner.

  1. Don’t make it about you

If you are having an argument about a small thing like leaving the lid of a peanut butter jar open, it can be solved quickly. You must not make the argument about yourself and use it as a way to enlarge your ego. Something that is wrong is wrong. Move on. Making the whole fight about you and diverting from the point of the quarrel will only extend the fight. [ Check out: 6 ways to handle a passive partner


  1. Apologize and accept your mistake

If you know it is your mistake, nothing is better than acknowledging it and accepting it. If you are more modest, you must apologize for it as well. If your partner is still going on about your fault, even after you’ve accepted and apologized, it is time to ask your partner to stop doing that.

  1. Don’t fight to win

An argument between a couple, should be about things and not about the couple. Don’t try to win the argument, try to win as a couple. Remember, you both are together and you both should figure out something that works for both of you.

  1. Take a break

If you have had a long argument with your partner, take a break. There is no point destroying the furniture in your home. Go for a walk or go and sit in the park. This helps refresh you and make you calm. When you come back, it could be that your partner has cooled off as well!

  1. Try to listen

Fights happen usually when both the parties are talking and none is ready to listen or hear the other party. Try to listen and then tell your side of the story. It might actually help to find a solution to your problems. [ Also read: 5 Reasons never to eye your partner’s best friend ]

  1. Involve a peace maker

If your argument and quarrel is getting really nasty, its time you call in a mutual friend or relative who will hear both of you and try to make peace between both of you. He or she might devise a mid way for both your problems and help decide alternatives to each of yours suggestion. This act helps and people involved usually start behaving themselves in front of their friends and family.

  1. Don’t get personal

Couples usually start a fight about something and then go on to other unresolved things and get their parents or other incidents in between. Remember, that this act can cause havoc. It is better you stick to the point of quarrel and don’t get personal. Avoid using the word “always”, “never” and “I”. These three words are destructive. It is about “us” or “we” and not about “I” or “you” any more. Keep that in mind and help yourself and the situation as well.

  1. Remember that all relations need work

Love is magical and instantaneous. It is natural and no one can help it. Relationships though, are difficult. They need to be worked at there level. They require a lot of hard work. Don’t think that falling in love will be a joy ride. It has its own perils as well as perks. Remember that you and your partner will have to work hard at managing your relationship. Keep your children out of your fights is a necessary thing to do. [ Read here: 7 rules for texting your partner ]

How do you handle arguments with your partner? What are your quick ways to stop arguments? Share with us in the comments section!