8 Ways to become Socially More Active

8 Ways to become Socially More Active

Being social is a very important aspect of everyone’s life today. With the rise of social networks and technology, people are becoming more and more anti-social instead of the other way around. People are resorting to online dating, online friends and things which don’t really make much sense in real world. Everybody wants to be socially active. What is real stays real. If you cannot touch, feel or see a person in front you, the person is as good as non-existent. It is important that a person develops their social circle along with their professional career and personal life. Being sociable is the latest trend. If you are social, you are never going to feel lonely at a gathering. Some of us face huge problems, becoming social. [ Read: Online Flirting – Are You Cheating Without Realizing it? ]

8 Ways to become Socially More Active

Let’s see a few ways in which we can become more active socially.

  1. Be confident of yourself

Be sure of yourself. Learn to love to yourself, and appreciate your talents. Consider yourself worthy enough to have lot of friends and strike a funny and jolly conversation with people. [ Check out: 8 Inexpensive Ways to Spend Time with Your Friends


  1. Open up as a person

Open yourself. Let people like you and be open to liking people. No one is going to ask you to open up or shed your inhibitions. They will just slowly start avoiding you without a sign. Therefore, it is best to open your heart out and embrace everything.

  1. Try to meet new people

Be open to meet new people and make new connections. Get rid of your insecurities. Meeting new people will give you a new rush. Sometimes, you just bond with people, irrespective of their looks, age and circumstances. Meeting new people will also boost your confidence levels and make you happy with yourself.

  1. Don’t be afraid to exchange numbers

Don’t think too much for exchanging your IDs or numbers with people you like. You may never see them again, for all you know. Hand out your card to people you like and get in touch with them before they forget you or vice versa. Make sure you keep all your cards in a safe place in spite of saving those numbers on your mobile phones. [ Also read: 10 Ways Your Friends Know You Better Than You Know Yourself ]

  1. Make efforts to grow your friendship

If you have established a bond with someone, you have to make efforts to sustain it. There must be some efforts from both sides in order to grow your friendship. You might have to give in more time to people who you really like. Listen to their problems, offer them advice and be there for them in their bad times. Make them part of your problems and joys too.

  1. Don’t always say NO

If you are getting continuous invites from your potential friends and new connections and you are consistently turning them down, you will soon fizzle out of the circle. No one will ask you if you say “no” to them more than two or three times. You have to take time out and make

  1. Don’t pay attention to people who ignore you

While on the pursuit of making new friends, you might also encounter people who don’t treat you the way you deserve to be treated. You will encounter people who ignore your talks or jokes and don’t respect when you are talking. It is best to ignore such people and move ahead to people who actually give an ear to your talks.

  1. Stay patient and consistent

Stay patient and consistent in your efforts to develop a social circle. It might take some time, but slowly and surely you will be part of various groups. They could be your hobby related, your society group, your school alumni and many other groups. Don’t give up just because of a few roadblocks. Keep telling yourself that you can do it and stay motivated. Meet up people without worrying about getting judged. [ Read here: 25 ways to create More Opportunity, Adventure & Friendship with Others ]

How do you manage to keep yourself socially active? What is one rule that you always follow when it comes to socializing?