8 Tips to Help Restore Your Relationship with Your Child

8 Tips to Help Restore Your Relationship with Your Child

Having children is an amazing feeling. Nothing beats the feeling that a woman or a man gets when they become mum or dad. But as children grow up, they do develop their own personalities, thought processes and opinions. These are particularly strong during their teenage years. It can be quite tough to understand them during that age. They often feel that they aren’t understood by their parents or are misunderstood for no reason. This can make a rift in the relation and it will continue to widen with age. It’s better to take proactive steps during such times. You must restore your relationship with your child as soon as possible. [ Read: 15 Best Children Quotes and Sayings ]

Here are some ways you can use to bring back the equation you’ll share during their early childhood days.

  1. Talk to your children

Communication solves a lot of problems. A clear and good communication is required for a good relationship as well. So make sure that you talk to your children. Not at the cost of your work, or their work, but a few minutes every day or a couple of hours every weekend might be great! Discuss your own problems and troubles with them, which might help them warm up to you and reveal their issues as well. [ Check out: 7 Reasons why family rules are important


  1. Give them time

Give your children sufficient time. Neglected children often grow bitter against their parents. Your career, spouse and friends are important, but your children are extremely important too. They don’t have anybody else they can look up to. Give them time by making some food for them, taking them out or doing some fun activity with them.

  1. Try to put yourself in their shoes

One doesn’t remember what it was like to be a child or a teenager, when one grows up. It’s important that you put yourself in their shoes and not be extremely traditional or old fashioned in your approach. Try to understand their situation and give them the best advice.

  1. Empower them without making them feel needy

Teenagers feel awkward asking for help from their parents. They think are adults and can make their own decisions. Don’t force them to think in a particular way. Instead empower them, facilitate them without making them feel childish or dependent. [ Also read: 20 tips to be a better father ]

  1. Share your childhood problems

Often, sharing your own childhood problems which you faced, might get them to open up with you. They might feel that they are also going through something similar and would relate to you. It takes some understanding to help your children open up their hearts to you.

  1. Take some time off to do a fun activity with them

Don’t always discuss serious or boring topics with them. Make time to do some fun activity with them. Sometimes you also have to act like their friends. Do some health related activity with them. Taking steps with your children according to modern times can help your children find you cool.

  1. Understand and respect your child’s personality

Some parents force their children to be the “ideal” person. Don’t pursue a movie career or singing career. Be an engineer or a doctor. Get rid of clichés from your mind. Respect your child for what they are. They might be introverted or extremely social, don’t make them feel like you constantly want them to change or improve, cause this might create friction between both of you.

  1. Try being their confidante

Help them with their love life, instead of being a monitor about it. Don’t be a jailor of a parent, be a friendly parent. Be strict at times, but also caring and friendly. This would make them spill their secrets and things which are deep inside their mind. Only parents having a strong bond with their child can get access to that. [ Read here: 5 ways to be a better son! ]

What kind of relationship do you share with your child? Share with us in the comments section.