8 Perfect Ways to Mend a Broken Heart

8 Perfect Ways to Mend a Broken Heart
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8 Perfect Ways to Mend a Broken Heart

Everybody who is mortal in this life faces this scenario at least once in their lifetime. It carries the proverb ”shit happens”. And, the next logical step is to scrutinize the situation and find out how to move on in life. If it hasn’t happened to you, it may happen in future, or you probably may be one of those lucky ones to get through with one and only one for the entire lifetime. But, this kind of a situation happens with almost tons of people who go through a break up and come out of it happily and more confidently.

Life is meant to be harsh at times and soft at others. Breakups can be painful as hell but you should know the right ways to get over the blissful time that you had. It might take a while or more but it’s all for your own good. [ Read: How do I get Over a Broken Heart? ]

You are not the only one here who is suffering from a break up. Go out and you’ll see there are various couples who are hurt and trying hard to bring their lives back on track. Mostly the couples who have mutual decision while breaking up, they tend to live a happier life. But, even in that situation if your partner has moved on but something is stopping you from moving on, then that’s called one sided love. One needs to get rid of that as soon as possible.

Here is a list of a few ways in which we can help you to bring back those broken pieces and living a peaceful life alone.

  1. Just end it for once and for all!

If you have decided to take a decision, then just stick to it without making any amendments to it. Don’t back out from your decision if you are hundred percent sure that your relationship is not going to work out. Decisions like these would definitely hurt you in the initial phase but it is going to help you in living a peaceful life at a later stage. First and foremost task should be taking a clear decision of having a break up. [ Read: 15 Broken Heart Quotes and Sayings ]

  1. Lose all the possible contact!

Nowadays, it’s very easy to deviate from your decision and just ping your ex on any social networking website. Rather, be strong and delete your ex from all possible portals so that they can’t reach you and also, you are not tempted to send them a message. Don’t keep looking at their Facebook profile for all day long or don’t dedicate them a song on any portal or don’t beg them to come back in your life. Try and get the right picture of the situation.

  1. Don’t make the situation worse by tuning in to sad songs!

Music, as we all know has an everlasting effect on our mind. It has been known that we feel what we hear. It is one thing which can change anybody’s mood within seconds. If you hear a sad song on the radio, switch it off immediately because as it progresses, you will remember your ex as well. Make your playlist as an upbeat one which will strengthen the situation. Learn to control your emotions. [ Read: 15 Quotes about Love and Heartbreak ]

  1. Don’t enter your ex’s territory!

Try to stay from the place where your ex resides or hangs out. Try not to bump into him no matter what the situation is. Try to ignore him even if you meet by chance. Find some new places to hang out in and make new memories with some new bunch of people or old bunch of buddies out there. After the passing of sometime, you can resume your daily activities and connecting with some of the mutual friends between you and him that you had left behind.

  1. Don’t stay alone for too long!

We all need to give ourselves some alone time as much as it is required. But, it should never go off limit as then it will start to destroy your daily routine which involves social gatherings. Rather, surrounding yourself with people will make you realize how reality never changes and how you ought to be here at some point of time. It will be difficult in the initial phase but soon everything turns out to be fine. Always remember, pain is inevitable, but suffering is optional. It all depends on the thinking. [ Read: Heartwarming Message from a One Sided Lover ]

  1. Use your freedom!

Freedom is one thing which always seems less even if it available in the right amount. There must have been some things which you were not able to perform because your other half didn’t approve of them. Now, you have all the time in the world to go back and try whatever you have missed out. Indulge in all the exciting things and don’t let the unhappiness crave into your surroundings. Do everything that you want. Now, you don’t have any restrictions to put up with. See this as a great opportunity to grab all the freedom and happiness.

  1. Pretend that you are happy!

This is one of the most crucial things to keep in mind. Be it you are with your friends or you are pouring your heart out at a social networking website. Don’t ever show that you are upset because of whatever happened. Your ex would have been having a great time with somebody else and hearing you having a bad time, it will make him even more satisfied. Don’t stay weak in front of your ex. This will boost him even more. [ Read: Words of a Broken Heart ]

  1. Ditch the negative people!

These people should not be in the list even if they are the last bunch of people left on earth. These kind of people love to extract happiness out of everything. They are filled with depression and sadness. Stay with the people who give you a hope of goodness with every next step. Stay with some optimistic people who don’t lose hope in any situation.

These steps would seem very hard while you are reading them. But, they are best when followed towards the achievement of a good life.